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George Gordon Byron (Джордж Гордон Байрон) (1788-1824)
Джордж Гордон Байрон (George Gordon Byron)

  • Biography


  • A Sketch
  • All Is Vanity, Saieth The Preacher
  • "And Wilt Thou Weep When I am Low?"   (rus)
  • "By the Waters of Babylon"   (rus)
  • Damætas   (rus)
  • Darkness   (rus)
  • E Nihilo Nihil, OR An Epigram Bewitched   (rus)
  • Epigram   (rus)
  • Epigrams   (rus)
  • Epistle To Augusta   (rus)
  • Epitaph For William Pitt   (rus)
  • Epitaph On John Adams, Of Southwell - A Carrier, Who Died Of Drunkenness   (rus)
  • Euthanasia
  • Farewell To Malta   (rus)
  • "I Saw Thee Weep"
  • Imitation Of Tibullus   (rus)
  • Impromptu   (rus)
  • John Keats   (rus)
  • L'amitie Est L'amour Sans Ailes   (rus)
  • Lines Inscribed Upon A Cup Formed From A Skull   (rus)
  • Lines To A Lady Weeping   (rus)
  • Lines Written in an Album, at Malta   (rus)
  • Love And Death   (rus)
  • Maid of Athens, ere we part   (rus)
  • Martial, Lib. I, Epig. I.   (rus)
  • My Epitaph   (rus)
  • "My Soul is Dark"   (rus)
  • Ode To Napoleon Buonaparte   (rus)
  • On Leaving Newstead Abbey   (rus)
  • On My Thirty-third Birthday, January 22, 1821   (rus)
  • On My Wedding-Day   (rus)
  • On Napoleon's Escape From Elba   (rus)
  • On The Bust Of Helen By Canova   (rus)
  • On The Star Of The Legion Of Honour   (rus)
  • On This Day I Complete My Thirty-Sixth Year   (rus)
  • "One Struggle More, And I Am Free"   (rus)
  • Parisina
  • Prometheus   (rus)
  • Remembrance   (rus)
  • "She Walks In Beauty"   (rus)
  • "So We'll Go No More a Roving"   (rus)
  • Song For The Luddites   (rus)
  • Stanzas To Augusta   (rus)
  • Stanzas To The Po   (rus)
  • Stanzas   (rus)
  • Stanzas Written In Passing The Ambracian Gulf   (rus)
  • Stanzas Written On The Road Between Florence And Pisa   (rus)
  • The Charity Ball   (rus)
  • The Conquest   (rus)
  • The Cornelian   (rus)
  • The Dream   (rus)
  • The Girl of Cadiz   (rus)
  • To Augusta   (rus)
  • To Eliza
  • To Emma   (rus)
  • To Marion   (rus)
  • To Mary, On Receiving Her Picture   (rus)
  • To Mr. Murray (Strahan, Tonson Lintot Of The Times)   (rus)
  • To My Son   (rus)
  • To Romance   (rus)
  • To The Author of a Sonnet, Beginning 'Sad Is my Verse'   (rus)
  • To Thomas Moore   (rus)
  • To Time   (rus)
  • "Well! Thou Art Happy"
  • "When We Two Parted"

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