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  1. Из цикла «Ирландские мелодии». 83. «Помни, придя в это поле...»From “Irish Melodies”. 83. Forget Not the Field (Томас МурThomas Moore)
  2. Из цикла «Ирландские мелодии». 80. «Переполняет этот взгляд...»From “Irish Melodies”. 80. Whene’er I See Those Smiling Eyes (Томас МурThomas Moore)
  3. Malcolm's Katie: A Love Story - Part 5 (Изабелла КроуфордIsabella Crawford)
  4. A Christmas Lyric (Пол ХейнPaul Hayne)
  5. Spring Longing (Эмма ЛазарусEmma Lazarus)
  6. Magnetism (Эмма ЛазарусEmma Lazarus)
  7. August Moon (Эмма ЛазарусEmma Lazarus)
  8. Sunrise (Эмма ЛазарусEmma Lazarus)
  9. A Masque of Venice (Эмма ЛазарусEmma Lazarus)
  10. Autumn Sadness (Эмма ЛазарусEmma Lazarus)
  11. My After-Dinner Cloud (Генри ЛиHenry Leigh)
  12. On an Old Muff (Фредерик Локер-ЛэмпсонFrederick Locker-Lampson)
  13. Awake, Awake, Take the Pledge (Джон ПирпонтJohn Pierpont)
  14. Early Rising (Джон СаксJohn Saxe)
  15. Rhyme of the Rail (Джон СаксJohn Saxe)
  16. The Ballad of the Little Black Hound (Дора ШортерDora Shorter)
  17. The Sick Child (Менелла СмедлиMenella Smedley)
  18. Three Voices (Менелла СмедлиMenella Smedley)
  19. The Six Burghers of Calais (Менелла СмедлиMenella Smedley)
  20. Crowns for Children (Менелла СмедлиMenella Smedley)
  21. The Sledge at the Gate (Ричард СтоддардRichard Stoddard)
  22. Our Willie (Генри ТимродHenry Timrod)
  23. A Dedication (Генри ТимродHenry Timrod)
  24. To Thee (Генри ТимродHenry Timrod)
  25. The Unknown Dead (Генри ТимродHenry Timrod)
  26. Old Robin (Джон ТроубриджJohn Trowbridge)
  27. Epigrams. The Second Booke. № 29. A truely liberall man never bestoweth his gifts, in hope of recompence (Томас ЭркартThomas Urquhart)
  28. Epigrams. The Second Booke. № 41. How to oppose sinister fate. (Томас ЭркартThomas Urquhart)
  29. Epigrams. The First Booke. № 31. To a rich man, become poore (Томас ЭркартThomas Urquhart)
  30. Epigrams. The Second Booke. № 21. Death maketh us all alike in so farre, as her power can reach (Томас ЭркартThomas Urquhart)
  31. Epigrams. The Third Booke. № 34. It is the safest course to entertaine poverty in our greatest riches (Томас ЭркартThomas Urquhart)
  32. Epigrams. The First Booke. № 41. Concerning those, who marry for beauty, and wealth without regard of vertue (Томас ЭркартThomas Urquhart)
  33. Epigrams. The Third Booke. № 5. A certaine ancient philosopher did hereby insi∣nuate, how necessary a thing the administrati∣on of iustice was: and to be alwaies vigilant in the judicious di∣stribution of punishment, and recompence (Томас ЭркартThomas Urquhart)
  34. Epigrams. The Third Booke. № 15. To one, who was excessively cheerefull, for being recovered of a Fever, wherewith he had beene for a time extreame sorely sha∣ken (Томас ЭркартThomas Urquhart)
  35. Epigrams. The First Booke. № 18. Not time, but our actions, are the true measure of our life (Томас ЭркартThomas Urquhart)
  36. Epigrams. The Second Booke. № 2. Those that have greatest estates are not alwayes the wealthiest men (Томас ЭркартThomas Urquhart)
  37. Epigrams. The Third Booke. № 6. That overweening impedeth oftentimes the per∣fectioning of the very same qualitie, wee are proudest of (Томас ЭркартThomas Urquhart)
  38. Epigrams. The Third Booke. № 22. A Counsell to be provident, and circumspect in all our actions, without either cowardise, or temeritie (Томас ЭркартThomas Urquhart)
  39. Epigrams. The Second Booke. № 32. Our inclination is so depraved, that it is apt enough of it selfe to runne to sin, with∣out any instigation, whereby to drive it forward (Томас ЭркартThomas Urquhart)
  40. Epigrams. The Second Booke. № 42. The deserved mutability in the condition of too ambitious men (Томас ЭркартThomas Urquhart)
  41. Epigrams. The Third Booke. № 11. That those employ not their occasions well, who spend the most part of their life in providing for the Instruments of living (Томас ЭркартThomas Urquhart)
  42. Epigrams. The Second Booke. № 22. A very ready way to goodnesse, and true VVisedome (Томас ЭркартThomas Urquhart)
  43. Shepherd's Song (Томас ХейвудThomas Heywood)
  44. The Woodcock and the Daw (Томас ХейвудThomas Heywood)
  45. Ode for the Keats Centenary (Дункан СкоттDuncan Scott)
  46. The Sea by the Wood (Дункан СкоттDuncan Scott)
  47. In Snow-Time (Дункан СкоттDuncan Scott)
  48. Praise Day (Элла УилкоксElla Wilcox)
  49. Were I Man Grown (Элла УилкоксElla Wilcox)
  50. East and West (Элла УилкоксElla Wilcox)

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