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George Gordon Byron (Джордж Гордон Байрон)

Hebrew Melodies 20. Bright Be the Place of thy Soul

BRIGHT be the place of thy soul!
    No lovelier spirit than thine 
E'er burst from its mortal control,
    In the orbs of the blessed to shine. 
On earth thou wert all but divine,
    As thy soul shall immortally be; 
And our sorrow may cease to repine
    When we know that thy God is with thee.

Light be the turf of thy tomb!
    May its verdure like emeralds be! 
There should not be the shadow of gloom
    In aught that reminds us of thee. 
Young flowers and an evergreen tree
    May spring from the spot of thy rest: 
But not cypress not yew let us see;
    For why should we mourn for the blest? 

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