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William Blake (Уильям Блейк) (1757–1827)
Уильям Блейк (William Blake)


  • A Cradle Song   (rus)
  • A Dream   (rus)
  • A Little Boy Lost   (rus)
  • A Little Girl Lost   (rus)
  • "All Pictures That's Panted With Sense And With Thought"   (rus)
  • "And Did Those Feet In Ancient Time"   (rus)
  • Auguries of Innocence   (rus)
  • Blind Man's Buff   (rus)
  • Daybreak   (rus)
  • From King Edward the Third   (rus)
  • Gwin, King Of Norway   (rus)
  • "Having Given Great Offence By Writing In Prose"   (rus)
  • "His Whole Life Is An Epigram, Smart, Smooth, And Neatly Penn’d"   (rus)
  • Holy Thursday (Experience)   (rus)
  • "I Asked My Dear Friend Orator Prig"   (rus)
  • "I Rose Up At The Dawn Of Day"   (rus)
  • I Saw a Chapel   (rus)
  • Infant Joy   (rus)
  • Infant Sorrow   (rus)
  • Introduction To The Songs Of Innocence   (rus)
  • Laughing Song   (rus)
  • "Leave, O Leave Me To My Sorrows"   (rus)
  • "Let The Brothels Of Paris Be Opened"   (rus)
  • Long John Brown And Little Mary Bell   (rus)
  • Mad Song   (rus)
  • Mary   (rus)
  • "Mock On, Mock On, Voltaire, Rousseau"   (rus)
  • My Pretty Rose Tree
  • "My Spectre Around Me Night And Day"   (rus)
  • "Never Seek to Tell thy Love"   (rus)
  • Night   (rus)
  • "Now Art Has Lost Its Mental Charms"   (rus)
  • Nurse's Song   (rus)
  • On Another's Sorrow   (rus)
  • "Since All The Riches Of This World"   (rus)
  • Soft Snow   (rus)
  • "Some People Admire The Work Of A Fool"   (rus)
  • Song   (rus)
  • Spring   (rus)
  • The Birds
  • The Blossom   (rus)
  • The Chimney Sweeper   (rus)
  • The Crystal Cabinet   (rus)
  • The Divine Image   (rus)
  • The Echoing Green   (rus)
  • The Fairy
  • The Garden of Love   (rus)
  • The Golden Net   (rus)
  • The Grey Monk   (rus)
  • The Human Abstract   (rus)
  • The Invocation
  • The Lamb   (rus)
  • The Land Of Dreams   (rus)
  • The Lily
  • The Little Black Boy   (rus)
  • The Little Boy Found   (rus)
  • The Little Vagabond   (rus)
  • The Mental Ttraveller   (rus)
  • The Schoolboy   (rus)
  • The Shepherd   (rus)
  • The Smile   (rus)
  • The Tiger   (rus)
  • The Voice Of The Ancient Bard   (rus)
  • The Wild Flower's Song   (rus)
  • "Thou Hearest the Nightingale Begin the Song of Spring"   (rus)
  • Three Things To Remember
  • To Autumn   (rus)
  • "To Be Or Not To Be"   (rus)
  • To Morning
  • To Spring   (rus)
  • To Summer   (rus)
  • To The Muses   (rus)
  • To Thomas Butts
  • To Tirzah   (rus)
  • To Winter   (rus)
  • "When Klopstock England Defied"   (rus)
  • "Why Was Cupid A Boy"   (rus)
  • William Bond   (rus)
  • "You Don'T Believe"

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