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Thomas Moore (Томас Мур) (1779-1852)
Томас Мур (Thomas Moore)

  • Biography


  • A Speculation   (rus)
  • After the Battle
  • All In a Family Way
  • An Argument
  • "As Slow Our Ship"
  • "At the Mid Hour of Night"
  • Avenging and Bright
  • "Believe Me, If All Those Endearing Young Charms"
  • "By That Lake, Whose Gloomy Shore"
  • "Come O'er the Sea"
  • "Come, Rest in this Bosom"   (rus)
  • Corn and Catholics
  • "Dear Harp of my Country"
  • Did Not
  • Enigma
  • "Fill The Bumper Fair"
  • "Fly Not Yet"
  • Her Picture
  • "How Dear to Me the Hour"   (rus)
  • "I Saw From the Beach"
  • "I Saw Thy Form In Youthful Prime"
  • "I Wish I Was By That Dim Lake"
  • Linda To Hafed
  • Love's Young Dream   (rus)
  • "My Gentle Harp"
  • "Nay, Tell Me Not, Dear"
  • "No, Not More Welcome"
  • Ode To The Goddess Ceres
  • "Oft, in the Stilly Night"
  • "Oh! Blame Not the Bard"
  • "Oh! Doubt Me Not"   (rus)
  • "Oh, Come to Me When Daylight Sets"   (rus)
  • Oh, The Shamrock
  • "Oh, The Sight Entrancing"
  • Omens
  • On Music
  • One Bumper At Parting
  • "Remember Thee!"
  • "She Sung of Love"
  • "Silence Is In Our Festal Halls"
  • Song (When Time, Who Steals)   (rus)
  • Song Of The Battle Eve
  • Sweet Innisfallen
  • "Take Back The Virgin Page"
  • The Dream of Those Days
  • The Evening Gun   (rus)
  • The Ghost Of Miltiades
  • The Meeting of the Waters
  • The Minstrel Boy
  • The Night Dance
  • The Origin of the Harp   (rus)
  • The Parallel
  • The Time I've Lost
  • The Wandering Bard
  • The Young May Moon
  • Thee, Thee, Only Thee
  • "There Are Sounds Of Mirth"
  • "They Know Not My Heart"
  • "They May Rail at this Life"
  • "This Life Is All Chequer'D With Pleasures And Woes"
  • Those Evening Bells   (rus)
  • "Though Humble The Banquet"
  • To Ladies' Eyes
  • To Rosa   (rus)
  • War Song
  • "We May Roam Through This World"
  • "Weep On, Weep On"
  • "What The Bee Is To The Floweret"
  • "When Cold In The Earth"
  • "When First I Met Thee"
  • "When He Who Adores Thee"
  • "While Gazing on the Moon's Light"
  • While History's Muse
  • "Wreath The Bowl"
  • "You Remember Ellen"

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