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From Irish Melodies. 118. Oh! Arranmore, Loved Arranmore

Oh! Arranmore, loved Arranmore,
  	How oft I dream of thee,
And of those days when, by thy shore,
  	I wandered young and free.
Full many a path Ive tried, since then,
  	Thro pleasures flowery maze,
But neer could find the bliss again
  	I felt in those sweet days.

How blithe upon thy breezy cliffs,
  	At sunny morn Ive stood,
With heart as bounding as the skiffs
  	That danced along thy flood;
Or, when the western wave grew bright
  	With daylights parting wing,
Have sought that Eden in its light,
  	Which dreaming poets sing; [1] 

That Eden where the immortal brave
  	Dwell in a land serene, 
Whose bowers beyond the shining wave,
  	At sunset, oft are seen.
Ah dream too full of saddening truth!
  	Those mansions oer the main
Are like the hopes I built in youth, 
  	As sunny and as vain!

[1] The inhabitants of Arranmore are still persuaded that, in a clear day, they can see from this coast Hy Brysail or the Enchanted Island, the paradise of the Pagan Irish, and concerning which they relate a number of romantic stories, Beauforts Ancient Topography of Ireland.

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