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Alfred Edward Housman (Альфред Эдвард Хаусман) (1859-1936)
Альфред Эдвард Хаусман (Alfred Edward Housman)

  • Biography


  • 1887
  • "Along The Field as We Came By"
  • "As Through the Wild Green Hills of Wyre"
  • "Be Still, My Soul, Be Still"
  • Bredon Hill
  • "Bring, In This Timeless Grave To Throw"
  • "Could Man Be Drunk Forever"
  • "Crossing Alone the Nighted Ferry"   (rus)
  • Diffugere Nives
  • Eight O'Clock
  • "Far In a Western Brookland"
  • "Farewell to Barn and Stack and Tree"
  • Goodnight
  • Hell's Gate
  • "Her Strong Enchantments Failing"
  • "Here Dead We Lie"
  • "If Truth in Hearts That Perish"
  • "Into My Heart an Air that Kills"   (rus)
  • "Is My Team Ploughing"
  • "Loitering With A Vacant Eye"
  • "Loveliest of Trees, the Cherry Now"
  • March
  • "Oh Fair Enough Are Sky And Plain"
  • "Oh Who Is That Young Sinner"
  • "Oh, See How Thick The Goldcup Flowers"
  • Reveille
  • Revolution
  • "Say, Lad, Have You Things To Do?"
  • "Shot? So Quick, So Clean an Ending?"
  • "Soldier From The Wars Returning"
  • The Carpenter's Son
  • "The Chestnut Casts His Flambeaux"   (rus)
  • The Isle Of Portland
  • The Lent Lily
  • The Nonsense Verse
  • The Welsh Marches
  • "Think No More, Lad"
  • "This Time Of Year A Twelvemonth Past"
  • "Tis Time, I Think, By Wenlock Town"
  • To an Athlete Dying Young
  • "Twice A Week The Winter Thorough"
  • "Westward on the High-Hilled Plains"
  • "When I Came Last To Ludlow"
  • "When I Was One-and-Twenty"
  • "When Smoke Stood Up From Ludlow"
  • "When The Eye Of Day Is Shut"
  • "When The Lad For Longing Sighs"
  • "With Rue My Heart Is Laden"
  • "You Smile Upon Your Friend To-Day"

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