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Кристина Джорджина Россетти (Christina Georgina Rossetti) (1830-1894)
Кристина Джорджина Россетти (Christina Georgina Rossetti)

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  1. ПомниRemember
  2. Когда я умруWhen I Am Dead, My Dearest
  3. Clouds
  4. Christmas Eve
  5. Winter Rain
  6. Spring
  7. Goblin Market
  8. A Dream
  9. Who Has Seen the Wind?
  10. A Chilly Night
  11. How Many Seconds In A Minute?
  12. The Poor Ghost
  13. Dream Land
  14. An October Garden
  15. Let Me Go
  16. Three Seasons
  17. The Summer Nights Are Short
  18. A Daughter of Eve
  19. A Christmas Carol
  20. Last Night
  21. Echo
  22. My Friend
  23. A Birthday
  24. The Skylark
  25. From Sunset to Star Rise
  26. A Year’s Windfalls
  27. Herself A Rose Who Bore The Rose
  28. The Lily Has A Smooth Stalk
  29. A Royal Princess
  30. Eve
  31. I Am A King
  32. Счастливая ЭллиDancing on the Hill-Tops
  33. What Will You Give Me For My Pound?
  34. There's Snow On The Fields
  35. Что нам принесла пчела?What Does the Bee Do?
  36. Winter: My Secret
  37. Fluttered Wings
  38. Dead Hope
  39. January Cold Desolate
  40. To My Mother
  41. Brown And Furry
  42. Three Little Children
  43. Sleeping at Last
  44. Mirage
  45. A Hope Carol
  46. No, Thank You John
  47. Uphill
  48. Ferry Me Across The Water
  49. Who Shall Deliver Me?
  50. A Baby's Cradle With No Baby In It
  51. After Death
  52. Old And New Year Ditties
  53. A Pause
  54. A Ballad of Boding
  55. Sweet Death
  56. What Does The Donkey Bray About?
  57. Repining
  58. A Summer Wish
  59. The One Certainty
  60. Introspective
  61. Vanity Of Vanities
  62. Under The Ivy Bush
  63. Twilight Night
  64. Amen
  65. Алмаз и уголёкA Diamond or a Coal?
  66. Your Brother Has A Falcon
  67. Cousin Kate
  68. Brownie, Brownie, Let Down Your Milk
  69. Blind From My Birth
  70. The World
  71. РадугаBoats Sail on the Rivers
  72. Hear What The Mournful Linnets Say
  73. The Rose With Such A Bonny Blush
  74. Rosy Maiden Winifred
  75. Memory
  76. Sound Sleep
  77. I Caught a Little Ladybird
  78. Baby Lies So Fast Asleep
  79. Once For All
  80. Come Unto Me
  81. Twice
  82. Хряк-джентльменIf a Pig Wore a Wig
  83. I Have A Poll Parrot
  84. The Convent Threshold
  85. Color
  86. ЛасточкаFly Away, Fly Away Over the Sea
  87. Что это такое?There Is One That Has a Head without an Eye
  88. Maiden May
  89. ДубA Toadstool Comes up in a Night
  90. Lady Maggie
  91. ЗвёздыWhat Do the Stars Do
  92. A Better Ressurection
  93. Рыбки вдруг раскрыли зонтWhen Fishes Set Umbrellas up
  94. КораллA Sailor, Come Ashore
  95. A Testimony

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