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Джонатан Свифт (Jonathan Swift) (1667-1745)
Джонатан Свифт (Jonathan Swift)

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  1. Ответ-экспромт доктора СвифтаAnswered Extempore by Dr. Swift
  2. Эпиграмма по поводу весьма старого зеркала, выставленного на Маркет-ХиллOn a Very Old Glass at Market-Hill
  3. On the Moon
  4. An Echo
  5. A Beautiful Young Nymph Going to Bed
  6. ВремяOn Time
  7. Mutton
  8. On the World
  9. A Riddle
  10. Cadenus and Vanessa
  11. The Lady's Dressing Room
  12. A Description of the Morning
  13. A Description of a City Shower
  14. On Snow
  15. Verses on the Death of Dr. Swift, D.S.P.D.
  16. A Gentle Echo on Woman
  17. On the Five Senses
  18. On Gold
  19. On a Candle
  20. The Garden Plot
  21. A Maypole
  22. Daphne
  23. On a Circle
  24. To Stella Visiting Me in My Sickness
  25. Baucis and Philemon
  26. On a Shadow in a Glass
  27. On Himself
  28. Oysters
  29. Twelve Articles
  30. Corinna
  31. The Beasts' Confession
  32. On a Pen
  33. The Sick Lion and the Ass
  34. To Stella, Who Collected and Transcribed His Poems
  35. A Panegyric of the Dean in the Person of a Lady in the North
  36. The Fable of Midas
  37. The Windsor Prophecy
  38. Lady Acheson Weary of the Dean
  39. Robin and Harry
  40. A New Year’s Gift for Bec
  41. A Pastoral Dialogue
  42. Market Women’s Cries
  43. Dingley and Brent
  44. Phillis, or, The Progress of Love
  45. Mr. William Crowe’s Address to Her Majesty, Turned into Metre
  46. Death and Daphne
  47. Elegy on Partridge
  48. On a Corkscrew
  49. The Dean’s Answer
  50. Fontinella to Florinda
  51. The Virtues of Sid Hamet the Magician’s Rod
  52. Advice to the Grub Street Verse-writers
  53. A Satirical Elegy on the Death of a Late Famous General
  54. On the Vowels
  55. The Place of the Damned
  56. Epitaph in Berkeley Church-Yard, Gloucestershire
  57. On a Horn
  58. The Progress of Poetry
  59. Peace and Dunkirk
  60. Louisa to Strephon
  61. The Fagot
  62. Mrs Frances Haris's Petition
  63. On Cutting down the Thorn at Market-Hill
  64. On a Pair of Dice
  65. On Stella's Birth-day 1719
  66. Stella's Birthday March 13, 1727
  67. On the Posteriors
  68. The Author upon Himself
  69. Sid Hamet’s Rod
  70. Jack Frenchman’s Lamentation

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