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Джерард Мэнли Хопкинс (Gerard Manley Hopkins) (1844-1889)
Джерард Мэнли Хопкинс (Gerard Manley Hopkins)

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  1. Весна и осеньSpring And Fall
  2. Море и жаворонокThe Sea And The Skylark
  3. Spring
  4. Andromeda
  5. Peace
  6. Brothers
  7. God's Grandeur
  8. As Kingfishers Catch Fire
  9. Thee, God, I Come From
  10. Heaven-Haven
  11. I Wake And Feel The Fell Of Dark
  12. Moonless Darkness Stands Between
  13. To His Watch
  14. The Alchemist in the City
  15. Утеха падалиCarrion Comfort
  16. A Vision of the Mermaids
  17. The Habit of Perfection
  18. Moonrise
  19. Henry Purcell
  20. Binsey Poplars
  21. Easter Communion
  22. To Seem The Stranger Lies My Lot, My Life
  23. What Being in Rank-Old Nature
  24. May Magnificat
  25. The Soldier
  26. The Candle Indoors
  27. Inversnaid
  28. Tom's Garland
  29. My Own Heart Let Me More Have Pity On
  30. Cheery Beggar
  31. Let Me Be To Thee As The Circling Bird
  32. Penmaen Pool
  33. Pied Beauty
  34. What Shall I Do For The Land That Bred Me
  35. Strike, Churl
  36. The Starlight Night
  37. On the Portrait of Two Beautiful Young People
  38. In the Valley of the Elwy
  39. No Worst, There Is None
  40. Barnfloor And Winepress
  41. Ribblesdale
  42. At the Wedding-March
  43. Repeat That, Repeat
  44. The Loss Of The Eurydice
  45. The Caged Skylark
  46. Duns Scotus's Oxford

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