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Gerard Manley Hopkins (Джерард Мэнли Хопкинс) (1844-1889)
Джерард Мэнли Хопкинс (Gerard Manley Hopkins)

  • Biography


  • A Vision of the Mermaids
  • Andromeda
  • As Kingfishers Catch Fire
  • At the Wedding-March
  • Barnfloor And Winepress
  • Binsey Poplars
  • Brothers
  • Carrion Comfort
  • Cheery Beggar
  • Easter Communion
  • God's Grandeur
  • Heaven-Haven
  • Henry Purcell
  • "I Wake And Feel The Fell Of Dark"
  • In the Valley of the Elwy
  • Inversnaid
  • "Let Me Be To Thee As The Circling Bird"
  • May Magnificat
  • "Moonless Darkness Stands Between"
  • Moonrise
  • "No Worst, There Is None"
  • On the Portrait of Two Beautiful Young People
  • Peace
  • Penmaen Pool
  • "Repeat That, Repeat"
  • Ribblesdale
  • Spring And Fall   (rus)
  • Spring
  • "Strike, Churl"
  • The Alchemist in the City
  • The Candle Indoors
  • The Habit of Perfection
  • The Loss Of The Eurydice
  • The Sea And The Skylark   (rus)
  • The Soldier
  • "Thee, God, I Come From"
  • To His Watch
  • "To Seem The Stranger Lies My Lot, My Life"
  • Tom's Garland
  • "What Being in Rank-Old Nature"
  • "What Shall I Do For The Land That Bred Me"

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