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Edmund Spenser (Эдмунд Спенсер) (1552-1599)
Эдмунд Спенсер (Edmund Spenser)

  • Biography


  • A Ditty
  • A Hymn In Honour Of Beauty
  • A Hymne of Heavenly Love
  • "And Is There Care In Heaven, And Is There Love"
  • Astrophel
  • "Colin Clouts Come Home Againe"
  • Easter
  • Epithalamion
  • Iambicum Trimetrum
  • Ice and Fire
  • Mutability
  • "My Love Is Like To Ice"
  • Poem 1. YE learned sisters which haue oftentimes
  • Poem 6. My loue is now awake out of her dreame
  • Prothalamion
  • Ruins of Rome, by Bellay
  • So Let Us Love
  • Sonnet 1. Happy Ye Leaues When As Those Lilly Hands
  • Sonnet 2. Unquiet Thought, Whom at the First I Bred
  • Sonnet 3. The Souerayne Beauty Which I Doo Admyre
  • Sonnet 6. BE Nought Dismayd That Her Vnmoued Mind
  • Sonnet 7. Fayre Eyes, The Myrrour Of My Mazed Hart
  • Sonnet 11. Mark When She Smiles With Amiable Cheare
  • Sonnet 15. YE Tradefull Merchants That With Weary Toyle
  • Sonnet 19. The Merry Cuckow, Messenger Of Spring   (rus)
  • Sonnet 20. IN Vaine I Seeke And Sew To Her For Grace
  • Sonnet 22. THis Holy Season Fit To Fast And Pray
  • Sonnet 31. Ah Why Hath Nature To So Hard A Hart
  • Sonnet 35. MY Hungry Eyes Through Greedy Couetize
  • Sonnet 37. What Guyle Is This, That Those Her Golden Tresses   (rus)
  • Sonnet 48. INnocent Paper Whom Too Cruell Hand
  • Sonnet 50. Long Languishing In Double Malady
  • Sonnet 53. THe Panther Knowing That His Spotted Hyde
  • Sonnet 56. Fayre Ye Be Sure, But Cruell And Vnkind
  • Sonnet 60. THey That in Course of Heauenly Spheares Are Skild
  • Sonnet 62. The Weary Yeare his Race Now Hauing Run   (rus)
  • Sonnet 72. oft when my spirit doth spred her bolder winges
  • Sonnet 76. FAyre Bosome Fraught With Vertues Richest Tresure
  • Sonnet 85. THe World That Cannot Deeme of Worthy Things
  • The Shepheardes Calender. Ægloga 1. Ianuarye   (rus)
  • The Shepheardes Calender. Ægloga 2. Februarie   (rus)
  • The Tamed Deer
  • The Visions Of Petrarch
  • Virgils Gnat
  • Visions Of The Worlds Vanitie
  • Whilst It Is Prime

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