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Эдмунд Спенсер (Edmund Spenser) (1552-1599)
Эдмунд Спенсер (Edmund Spenser)

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  1. Сонет 62. Окончил путь усталый старый годSonnet 62. The Weary Yeare his Race Now Hauing Run
  2. Сонет 19. Лесной кукушки радостный рожокSonnet 19. The Merry Cuckow, Messenger Of Spring
  3. Сонет 37. С таким коварством золото волосSonnet 37. What Guyle Is This, That Those Her Golden Tresses
  4. My Love Is Like To Ice
  5. Sonnet 1. Happy Ye Leaues When As Those Lilly Hands
  6. Пастуший Календарь. Эклога 1. ЯнварьThe Shepheardes Calender. Ægloga 1. Ianuarye
  7. Sonnet 3. The Souerayne Beauty Which I Doo Admyre
  8. Ice and Fire
  9. A Hymn In Honour Of Beauty
  10. Пастуший Календарь. Эклога 2. ФевральThe Shepheardes Calender. Ægloga 2. Februarie
  11. Пастуший Календарь. Эклога 4. АпрельThe Shepheardes Calender. Ægloga 4. Aprill
  12. Sonnet 11. Mark When She Smiles With Amiable Cheare
  13. Sonnet 2. Unquiet Thought, Whom at the First I Bred
  14. Пастуший Календарь. Эклога 12. ДекабрьThe Shepheardes Calender. Ægloga 12. December
  15. Пастуший Календарь. Эклога 3. МартThe Shepheardes Calender. Ægloga 3. March
  16. A Ditty
  17. Пастуший Календарь. Эклога 6. ИюньThe Shepheardes Calender. Ægloga 6. Iune
  18. Prothalamion
  19. Пастуший Календарь. Эклога 9. СентябрьThe Shepheardes Calender. Ægloga 9. September
  20. Easter
  21. Sonnet 7. Fayre Eyes, The Myrrour Of My Mazed Hart
  22. Пастуший Календарь. Эклога 11. НоябрьThe Shepheardes Calender. Ægloga 11. Nouember
  23. Пастуший Календарь. Эклога 8. АвгустThe Shepheardes Calender. Ægloga 8. August
  24. Пастуший Календарь. Эклога 5. МайThe Shepheardes Calender. Ægloga 5. Maye
  25. A Hymne of Heavenly Love
  26. The Tamed Deer
  27. So Let Us Love
  28. Пастуший Календарь. Эклога 10. ОктябрьThe Shepheardes Calender. Ægloga 10. October
  29. Poem 1. YE learned sisters which haue oftentimes
  30. Пастуший Календарь. Эклога 7. ИюльThe Shepheardes Calender. Ægloga 7. Iulye
  31. Astrophel
  32. Mutability
  33. Virgils Gnat
  34. Sonnet 20. IN Vaine I Seeke And Sew To Her For Grace
  35. The Visions Of Petrarch
  36. Ruins of Rome, by Bellay
  37. Visions Of The Worlds Vanitie
  38. Sonnet 50. Long Languishing In Double Malady
  39. Sonnet 60. THey That in Course of Heauenly Spheares Are Skild
  40. And Is There Care In Heaven, And Is There Love
  41. Colin Clouts Come Home Againe
  42. Sonnet 56. Fayre Ye Be Sure, But Cruell And Vnkind
  43. Iambicum Trimetrum
  44. Sonnet 6. BE Nought Dismayd That Her Vnmoued Mind
  45. Sonnet 85. THe World That Cannot Deeme of Worthy Things
  46. Epithalamion
  47. Sonnet 53. THe Panther Knowing That His Spotted Hyde
  48. Whilst It Is Prime
  49. Sonnet 15. YE Tradefull Merchants That With Weary Toyle
  50. Sonnet 81. Fayre Is My Loue, When Her Fayre Golden Heares
  51. Sonnet 48. INnocent Paper Whom Too Cruell Hand
  52. Sonnet 29. See How The Stubborne Damzell Doth Depraue
  53. Sonnet 35. MY Hungry Eyes Through Greedy Couetize
  54. Poem 6. My loue is now awake out of her dreame
  55. Sonnet 76. FAyre Bosome Fraught With Vertues Richest Tresure
  56. Sonnet 17. THe Glorious Portraict Of That Angels Face
  57. Sonnet 58. By Her That Is Most Assured To Her Selfe
  58. Sonnet 72. Oft When My Spirit Doth Spred Her Bolder Winges
  59. Sonnet 31. Ah Why Hath Nature To So Hard A Hart
  60. Sonnet 38. ARion, When Through Tempests Cruel Wracke
  61. Sonnet 8. MOre then most faire, full of the liuing fire
  62. Sonnet 25. HOw Long Shall This Lyke Dying Lyfe Endure
  63. Sonnet 66. TO All Those Happy Blessings Which Ye Haue
  64. Sonnet 22. THis Holy Season Fit To Fast And Pray

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