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Эмили Бронте (Emily Jane Brontë) (1818-1848)
Эмили Бронте (Emily Bronte)

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  1. НадеждаHope
  2. СочувствиеSympathy
  3. Стихи к - Stanzas to -
  4. Старый стоикThe Old Stoic
  5. СтансыStanzas
  6. ЗвездыStars
  7. A Day Dream
  8. Love and Friendship
  9. My Lady's Grave
  10. A Little Budding Rose
  11. At Castle Wood
  12. A Little While, a Little While
  13. Moonlight, Summer Moonlight
  14. Fall, Leaves, Fall
  15. The Two Children
  16. Come, Walk With Me
  17. The Blue Bell
  18. The Prisoner
  19. Ah! Why, Because the Dazzling Sun
  20. Remembrance
  21. To Imagination
  22. The Visionary
  23. How Clear She Shines!
  24. Last Lines
  25. Past, Present, Future
  26. No Coward Soul Is Mine
  27. The Lady To Her Guitar
  28. The Sun Has Set
  29. Spellbound
  30. Death, That Struck When I Was Most Confiding
  31. Shall Earth No More Inspire Thee
  32. Warning and Reply
  33. I Am the only Being Whose Doom
  34. How Still, How Happy!
  35. Silent Is The House
  36. The Night is Darkening Around Me
  37. Mild The Mist Upon The Hill
  38. Faith and Despondency
  39. She Dried Her Tears
  40. Come Hither, Child
  41. The Wind Was Rough Which Tore
  42. If Grief For Grief Can Touch Thee
  43. Encouragement
  44. Well Hast Thou Spoke
  45. That Wind I Used To Hear It Swelling
  46. Self-Interrogation
  47. The Elder's Rebuke
  48. Anticipation
  49. High Waving Heather 'Neath Stormy Blasts Bending
  50. Honour's Martyr
  51. Plead For Me
  52. Often Rebuked, Yet Always Back Returning
  53. Oh, For The Time When I Shall Sleep
  54. The Philosopher
  55. The Wanderer From The Fold
  56. I See Around Me Tombstones Grey
  57. Yes, Holy Be Thy Resting Place

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