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Генри Кинг, епископ Чичестерский (Henry King, Bishop of Chichester) (1592-1669)

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  1. Мои полуночные раздумьяMy Midnight Meditation
  2. Созерцание цветовA Contemplation upon Flowers
  3. Sic VitaSic Vita
  4. Гимн покаянияA Penitential Hymne
  5. Эпиграмма (Кому Законы служат в царстве Денег?..)Epigram (To what serve Lawes, where only Money reignes?)
  6. Приветствие кораблю Его Величества «Владыка морей»A Salutation Of His Majesties Ship The Soveraign
  7. ВиноTo One That Demaunded Why The Wine Sparkles
  8. Парадокс, в котором автор объясняет, почему молодой девушке лучше всего выходить замуж за старикаParadox. That It Is Best For A Young Maid To Marry An Old Man
  9. Эпиграмма (Тот бороздит Моря и Океаны)Epigram (He whose advent’rous keele ploughes the rough Seas)
  10. Эпиграмма (Мне любо в женщину влюбиться)Epigram (I would not in my love top soone prevaile)
  11. К моей ТениTo His Shaddow
  12. Почуяв запах сечи, проснулся и с раздражением подумал:Being Waked Out Of My Sleep By A Snuff Of Candle Which Offended Me, I Thus Thought:
  13. Exequy On His Wife
  14. The Farewell
  15. Loves Harvest
  16. The Dirge
  17. The Change
  18. A Renunciation
  19. The Acquittance
  20. The Surrender
  21. By Occasion Of The Young Prince His Happy Birth
  22. An Elegy Upon The Most Victorious King Of Sweden Gustavus Adolphus
  23. Silence
  24. To His Unconstant Friend
  25. Sonnet. I Prethee Turn That Face Away
  26. The Pink
  27. An Elegy Upon The Death Of Mr. Edward Holt
  28. The Labyrinth
  29. Tell Me No More How Fair She Is
  30. To My Dead Friend Ben Johnson
  31. The Legacy
  32. An Acknowledgment
  33. To a Lady Who Sent me a Copy of Verses at my Going to Bed
  34. On the Earl of Essex
  35. The Vow-Breaker
  36. The Forfeiture
  37. Upon a Braid of Hair in a Heart sent by Mrs. E. H.
  38. To My Sister Anne King, Who Chid Me In Verse For Being Angry
  39. Sonnet. Dry those fair, those chrystal eyes
  40. Sonnet. VVere thy heart soft as thou art faire
  41. The Boyes Answer To The Blackmoor
  42. On Two Children Dying Of One Disease, And Buried In One Grave
  43. Another Of The Same, Paraphrased For An Antheme
  44. The Retreat
  45. The Short Wooing
  46. Madam Gabrina, Or The Ill-Favourd Choice
  47. Upon A Table-Book Presented To A Lady
  48. To His Friends of Christ-Church upon the Mislike of the Marriage of the Arts Acted at Woodstock
  49. Sonnet. Go thou that vainly do'st mine eyes invite
  50. Sonnet. Tell me you stars that our affections move
  51. Psalm I
  52. To the Queen at Oxford

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