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Oliver Goldsmith (Оливер Голдсмит) (1730-1774)
Оливер Голдсмит (Oliver Goldsmith)

  • Biography


  • A New Simile   (rus)
  • A Sonnet
  • An Author's Bedchamber
  • An Elegy On The Death Of A Mad Dog   (rus)
  • An Elegy On The Glory Of Her Sex, Mrs Mary Blaize
  • An Epigram
  • Description of an Author's Bedchamber
  • Edwin and Angela
  • Epilogue For Mr. Lee Lewes   (rus)
  • Epilogue Intended To Have Been Spoken For 'She Stoops To Conquer'
  • Epilogue To 'She Stoops To Conquer'
  • Epitaph On Edward Purdon
  • Epitaph On Thomas Parnell   (rus)
  • From 'She Stoops to Conquer'
  • Memory
  • On A Beautiful Youth Struck Blind With Lightning   (rus)
  • On the Death of the Right Hounourable
  • Song From 'The Vicar Of Wakefield'
  • Song Intended To Have Been Sung In 'she Stoops To Conquer'
  • The Clown's Reply
  • The Deserted Village
  • The Double Transformation
  • The Gift   (rus)
  • The Haunch Of Venison
  • The Logicians Refuted
  • The Poet Laberius
  • The Taking Of Quebec
  • The Village Schoolmaster
  • To G. C. And R. L.
  • Translation
  • Verses In Reply To An Invitation To Dinner At Dr. Baker's
  • When Lovely Woman Stoops To Folly

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