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Robert Burns (Роберт Бёрнс)

Extempore in the Court of Session


HE clench’d his pamphlets in his fist,
  He quoted and he hinted,
Till in a declamation-mist,
  His argument he tint it:
He gaped for’t, he graped for’t,
  He fand it was awa, man;
But what his common sense came short,
  He eked out wi’ law, man.

        MR. ERSKINE.

Collected Harry stood awee,
  Then open’d out his arm, man;
His lordship sat wi’ ruefu’ e’e,
  And eyed the gathering storm, man:
Like wind-driv’n hail it did assail,
  Or torrents owre a linn, man;
The Bench sae wise, lift up their eyes,
  Half-wauken’d wi’ the din, man.

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