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Robert Burns (Роберт Бёрнс)

I See a Form, I See a Face

  O THIS is no my ain lassie,
    Fair tho’ the lassie be;
  O weel ken I my ain lassie,
    Kind love is in her ee.

I see a form, I see a face,
Ye weel may wi’ the fairest place:
It wants, to me, the witching grace,
  The kind love that’s in her ee.

She’s bonnie, blooming, straights and tall,
And lang has had my heart in thrall;
And aye it charms my very saul,
  The kind love that’s in her ee.

A thief sae pawkie is my Jean,
To steal a blink, by a’ unseen;
But gleg as light are lovers’ een,
  When kind love is in the ee.

It may escape the courtly sparks,
It may escape the learned clerks;
But weel the watching lover marks
  The kind love that’s in her ee.

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