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Летиция Элизабет Лэндон (Letitia Elizabeth Landon) (1802-1838)
Letitia Elizabeth Landon (Летиция Элизабет Лэндон)

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  1. Revenge
  2. A Legend of Tintagel Castle
  3. Oxford Street
  4. Шильонский замокThe Castle of Chillon
  5. Answer
  6. Dirge
  7. A Dream
  8. Stanzas
  9. Piccadilly
  10. Love's Parting Wreath
  11. Corinna
  12. The Poor
  13. Secrets
  14. The Power of Words
  15. Fountain’s Abbey
  16. Children
  17. Смоленское кладбище на Васильевском острове близ ПетербургаCemetery of the Smolensko Church
  18. The Ruined Cottage
  19. Kate Kearney
  20. The Rush-Bearing at Ambleside
  21. The Storm
  22. The Pilgrim
  23. Absence (I will not say, I fear your absent one)
  24. Lines to ——— (No, no! thou hast broken the spell that entwin'd me)
  25. A Summer Day
  26. The Star
  27. Hannibal's Oath
  28. Sonnet (I envy not the traveller's delight)
  29. Fragment (I saw her amid pleasure's gayest haunts)
  30. The Sheperd Boy
  31. The Farewell
  32. Lines to ——— (Think of me, and I'll tell thee when)
  33. Sonnet (Green willow! over whom the perilous blast)
  34. The Village of the Lepers
  35. Lines Addressed to Colonel H——, on His Return from Waterloo
  36. The Crusader
  37. Love’s Choice
  38. Sir Thomas Lawrence
  39. Furness Abbey
  40. Hebe
  41. A Lover's Dream
  42. Lines Addressed to Miss Bisset
  43. Absence (Oh! never can we feel how dear)
  44. Lancaster
  45. Lines
  46. The Improvistrice
  47. Song (A mouth that is itself a rose)
  48. The Evening Prayer, or The Orphan
  49. Dartmouth Castle, or, The Sea-Shore
  50. Sketch of Scenery
  51. Curtius
  52. Fragment (Is not this grove)
  53. Collegiate Church, Manchester, or, The Minster
  54. To ———
  55. The Phoenix and the Dove
  56. The Missionary’s Wife
  57. Ornaments
  58. Answer to —
  59. Castle Building
  60. Addressed to —
  61. Warning
  62. Sketch of a Painting of Santa Malvidera, Escaped Miraculously from Shipwreck
  63. Lines on ——
  64. Stanzas, Adapted to Music by ---
  65. Liverpool
  66. Fragment (Love thee! yes, yes! the storms that rend aside)
  67. Sonnet (It is not in the day of revelry)
  68. Windleshaw Abbey, or, The Funeral
  69. Linmouth, or, The Country Retreat
  70. Cafes in Damascus
  71. Sleeping Child
  72. The Indian Girl, or, She Sat Alone Beside Her Hearth
  73. Sassoor, in the Deccan, or, Thoughts of Christmas-Day in India
  74. The Reply of the Fountain
  75. Amelioration and the Future, Man's Noble Tasks
  76. Ideal Likenesses. Ariadne
  77. A Name
  78. The Tournament
  79. The Nameless Grave
  80. Fable
  81. Age and Youth
  82. Song (I wrote my name upon the sand)
  83. Fragment (It is not spring, but still the new-come year)
  84. Portrait
  85. To Sir John Doyle, Bart

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