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Александр Поуп (Alexander Pope) (1688-1744)
Александр Поуп (Alexander Pope)

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  1. Послание Элоизы к АбеляруEloisa to Abelard
  2. Виндзорский лесWindsor Forest
  3. Послание к ледиTo a Lady (Of the Characters of Women)
  4. Эпитафия Джону ГэюEpitaph on John Gay
  5. An Essay on Criticism
  6. Summer
  7. Celia
  8. Ode on Solitude
  9. The Riddle of the World
  10. Argus
  11. Sound and Sense
  12. You Know Where You Did Despise
  13. Farewell to London
  14. Weeping
  15. The Temple of Fame
  16. Song, by a Person of Quality
  17. On Mr. Gay
  18. In Imitation of Chaucer
  19. Elegy to the Memory of an Unfortunate Lady
  20. Chorus of Youths and Virgins
  21. To Mrs. M. B. on Her Birthday
  22. Couplets on Wit
  23. Universal Prayer
  24. To Lady Mary Wortley Montagu
  25. The Dying Christian to His Soul
  26. On Certain Ladies
  27. On a Fan of the Author's Design
  28. On Seeing the Ladies Crux-Easton Walk in the Woods by the Grotto
  29. Verses Left by Mr. Pope
  30. On the Countess of Burlington Cutting Paper
  31. Phyrne
  32. The Three Gentle Shepherds
  33. Lines Written in Windsor Forest
  34. Prayer of St. Francis Xavier
  35. Chorus of Athenians
  36. On His Grotto at Twickenham
  37. Epistle to Miss Blount, On Her Leaving the Town, After the Coronation
  38. Lines on Curll
  39. Ode on St. Cecilia's Day
  40. Occasioned by Some Verses of His Grace the Duke of Buckingham

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