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Robert Louis Stevenson (Роберт Льюис Стивенсон)

A Child's Garden of Verses. 4. Young Night Thought

ALL night long and every night,	 
When my mama puts out the light,	 
I see the people marching by,	 
As plain as day, before my eye.	 
Armies and emperors and kings,	
All carrying different kinds of things,	 
And marching in so grand a way,	 
You never saw the like by day.	 
So fine a show was never seen	 
At the great circus on the green;
For every kind of beast and man	 
Is marching in that caravan.	 
At first they move a little slow,	 
But still the faster on they go,	 
And still beside them close I keep
Until we reach the town of Sleep.

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