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Laura Sophia Temple (1763-1812?)

The Rating of Laura Sophia Temple's Poems

  1. Stanzas
  2. Summer
  3. The Blind Lover to His Mistress
  4. Lines Addressed to My Own Heart
  5. Solitary Musings
  6. Sonnet 2. To the Morning Star
  7. An Address to Apathy
  8. What Is Pleasure?--'tis a Bubble
  9. The Inconstant
  10. The Victim of Seduction
  11. The Exile
  12. The Sailor
  13. Song III (Days of my youth, ye are gliding away!)
  14. To My Best Friend
  15. Disappointment
  16. Loud Rav'd the Rav'ning Storm! It Came--It Past
  17. Sonnet 3. When grey Eve steals along the Western sky
  18. Fair Lady, Why That Sadden'd Eye
  19. At the Sight of a Beautiful But Frail One
  20. The Discarded Lover
  21. The Outcast
  22. Glances Back
  23. The Search after Love
  24. Lines Written on Seeing Lark
  25. Song II (Now smiling Summer gilds the scene)
  26. Morning Walk
  27. Song I (When the fair Morning)
  28. The Murderer
  29. The Last Adieu
  30. Lines Written on Reading Young's Night Thoughts--
  31. Arabian Song
  32. Recollection
  33. To the Genius of Romance
  34. On Hearing the Sound of Music at a Distance
  35. When Lately I Mus'd on the Days That Are Fled
  36. The Hindoo Lover's Address
  37. Sonnet 1. To the Evening Gale

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