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Poem by Laura Sophia Temple


Supposed to have been written by MARY, 
Queen of Scots, during her confinement.

Now brightly smiles the cloudless sky,
And soft the gales of fragrance sigh;
Summer puts on her golden robe,
To bless the gay rejoicing globe;
And laughing buds of ev'ry dye,
Revel beneath her lustrous eye.

E'en I too catch her bounteous glance,
And feel again Hope's pulses dance;
But quickly fades the mantling glow,
And leaves me to the gloom of woe
For not my wishes to supply
Does Summer ope her lustrous eye.

O ! hither haste, thou nectar'd gale,
Now flutt'ring through the distant vale!
Ah no ! it scorns the prison-gloom;
And seeks the Woodland's bursting bloom;
'Tis not for me that breezes sigh,
Or Summer opes her lustrous eye.

Still, still the hectic cheek shall burn,
And ask in vain for health's return;
Whilst Mem'ry, foe to Mis'ry's child,
On life's rich core shall riot wild.
Long have I bade farewell to Joy,
And Summer's full and lustrous eye.

Still o'er this mind surcharg'd with woe,
The fever'd gale of Thought shall blow;
'Till death's cold hand shall chill its rage,
And cancel Mem'ry's blotted page;
Then o'er the green-turf where I lie,
Summer may pour her lustrous eye.

Laura Sophia Temple

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