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Poem by Laura Sophia Temple

The Discarded Lover

To his RIVAL.

And dost thou think those smiling eyes
Have warmly glow'd on thee alone?
And canst thou think her fainting sighs
To no fond ear but thine have flown?

Thou frantic fool! thy vaunts give give over,
Wake from thy deep, and madden'd dream,
And know on many a cheated lover
Those witching orbs are wont to beam.

Oh! could I paint the wishes gay,
The hopes that all my reason stole,
When their voluptuous thrilling day
First dawn'd upon my wond'ring soul!

How she would fain the look of passion
In every bright effusive glance!
And how her changeful features fashion
To suit of love the wild romance!

And she would smile--so blandly smile,
That Fancy own'd the spell divine;
And she would so my sense beguile,
That false Hope whisper'd she was mine.

Then turn thee from her murd'ring eye,
Ah ! cheated wretch ! no more believe her;
Think that she dooms thy peace to die--
Ah trust no more the gay deceiver.

Laura Sophia Temple

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