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English Poetry. Last Poems

  1. Spring in New Hampshire (Claude McKay)
  2. Wild May (Claude McKay)
  3. Here Died (Henry Lawson)
  4. Ill Tell You What You Wanderers (Henry Lawson)
  5. The Vagabond (Henry Lawson)
  6. Flag of the Southern Cross (Henry Lawson)
  7. On the Wallaby (Henry Lawson)
  8. One and Another (Menella Bute Smedley)
  9. Hymn Sung at an Anniversary of the Asylum of Orphans at Charleston (Henry Timrod)
  10. To a Captive Owl (Henry Timrod)
  11. Lines to R. L. (Henry Timrod)
  12. Ethnogenesis (Henry Timrod)
  13. The Two Armies (Henry Timrod)
  14. Sonnets. 5. Some Truths There Be Are Better Left Unsaid (Henry Timrod)
  15. If I Have Graced No Single Song of Mine (Henry Timrod)
  16. The Rookery (Charles Tennyson Turner)
  17. Ben Apfelgarten (Eugene Field)
  18. Impromptu, to a Young Lady Singing (Mary Wortley Montagu)
  19. At William Maclennan's Grave (Duncan Campbell Scott)
  20. Obsequies of Stuart (John Reuben Thompson)
  21. Grief Sat Beside the Fount of Tears (Richard Monckton Milnes)
  22. Ad Vatem (Edmund Clarence Stedman)
  23. The Boss over the Board (Henry Lawson)
  24. Above Lavender Bay (Henry Lawson)
  25. The Stringy-Bark Tree (Henry Lawson)
  26. Mary Called Him 'Mister' (Henry Lawson)
  27. Tammy's Courtship (Hector Macneill)
  28. My Heart with Love Is Beating (John Rannie)
  29. The Lily o Glenlyon (William Wilson)
  30. The Rose of Seaton Vale (John Imlah)
  31. Grisedale Beck (James Payn)
  32. To an Old English Village (Richard Howitt)
  33. Cardiff Castle (Taliesin Williams)
  34. Funcheon Woods (Bartholomew Simmons)
  35. St. Patricks Day: With an Irish Shamrock (Charlotte Elizabeth Tonna)
  36. Killynoogan (John Reade)
  37. The Flight into Egypt (Francis Sylvester Mahony (Father Prout))
  38. Sonnet 24. Behold the Day an image of the Year! (Anna Seward)
  39. Dark Margaret (John Fisher Murray)
  40. Kings of Men (John Reade)
  41. Death of a Favorite Chamber Maid (George Moses Horton)
  42. An Elective Course (Thomas Bailey Aldrich)
  43. The Bells of Avignon (George Walter Thornbury)
  44. Written at Caudebec in Normandy (Arthur Henry Hallam)
  45. The Bells of Fontainebleau (George Walter Thornbury)
  46. In Père la Chaise (Joaquin (Cincinnatus Hiner) Miller)
  47. The Bee's Song (Julia Ward Howe)
  48. A Dan Yell (Henry Lawson)
  49. The Separation (Henry Lawson)
  50. The Pompadour (George Walter Thornbury)

Last Poems

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