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English Poetry. The Last Poems

  1. Common Sense (James Fields)
  2. Third Sunday After Trinity (John Keble)
  3. Psalm 23 (Christopher Smart)
  4. To The Virtuosi (William Shenstone)
  5. The Youth and the Philosopher (William Whitehead)
  6. The Curieux (John Mayne)
  7. On the Banks of the Esk (Margaret Chalmers)
  8. Verses, on the Death of the Princess Amelia (Margaret Chalmers)
  9. Thirteenth Sunday After Trinity (John Keble)
  10. The Gifts of the Oak (Helen Cone)
  11. The Owl Critic (James Fields)
  12. The Aged Stranger (Francis Bret Harte)
  13. Port Stanley (James McIntyre)
  14. Sonnet 6. For why the Gains Doth Seldom Quit the Charge (George Gascoigne)
  15. To Critics (Walter Learned)
  16. Epitaph on Henry Martyn (Thomas Macaulay)
  17. The Nut-Brown Ale (John Marston)
  18. Modern Love. Sonnet 31. This Golden Head has Wit in it (George Meredith)
  19. Probation: To a King's Recruit (Owen Seaman)
  20. The Three Voices (Robert Service)
  21. Faith (Dora Shorter)
  22. The Rat (Edwin Robinson)
  23. Opportunity (Edward Sill)
  24. Duello (Robert Service)
  25. Freethinker (Robert Service)
  26. The Lark (Robert Service)
  27. On the Wire (Robert Service)
  28. Euthansia (Robert Service)
  29. The Nostomaniac (Robert Service)
  30. Dunce (Robert Service)
  31. My Suicide (Robert Service)
  32. Our Hero (Robert Service)
  33. The Philanderer (Robert Service)
  34. Midwinter (John Trowbridge)
  35. The Old Lobsterman (John Trowbridge)
  36. First Series. 1. Sometimes, when winding slow by brook and bower (Frederick Tuckerman)
  37. Portent (Robert Service)
  38. Prefatory (Charles Turner)
  39. First Series. 27. So to the mind long brooding but on it (Frederick Tuckerman)
  40. Ode to Night Yalden's Ode (Royall Tyler)
  41. Intolerance (Robert Service)
  42. Gangrene (Robert Service)
  43. Profane Poet (Robert Service)
  44. Mr. Samuel Tudor (Lydia Sigourney)
  45. The Tree of My Life (Edward Sill)
  46. To Child Sara (Edward Sill)
  47. Truth at Last (Edward Sill)
  48. To an Old Fogey (Owen Seaman)
  49. Yet (Owen Seaman)
  50. Pats of Butter (Menella Smedley)

The Last Poems


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