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  1. The Flowers of the Forest (Jane Elliot)
  2. Greenwich Hill (William Gifford)
  3. Dearest, This One Day We Own (Augusta Webster)
  4. A Midsummer Nights Dream (Bessie Rayner Parkes)
  5. To a Bird that Haunted the Waters of Laken in the Winter (Edward Hovell-Thurlow)
  6. The Ringers of Lancells Tower (Robert Stephen Hawker)
  7. Lewesdon Hill (William Crowe)
  8. A Wraith in the Scottish Highlands (Henry Morford)
  9. A Grave in Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond (J.R.T.) (Margaret Junkin Preston)
  10. The Tomb of Addison (Thomas Tickell)
  11. The Sports of the Field (Capel Lofft)
  12. Aerophorion (Henry James Pye)
  13. Written in the Year 1779, When the Combined Fleets Were off Plymouth (Henry James Pye)
  14. Temple Bar (Walter Thornbury)
  15. The Rush-Bearing at Ambleside (Letitia Elizabeth Landon)
  16. Dartmouth Castle, or, The Sea-Shore (Letitia Elizabeth Landon)
  17. Godfrey Gordon Gustavus Gore (William Brighty Rands)
  18. Lord Straffords Meditations in the Tower ( Anonymous)
  19. The Burden of London (Henry Sewell Stokes)
  20. John of Padua (Walter Thornbury)
  21. The New Day. Part 3. 5. I Will Be Brave for Thee (Richard Watson Gilder)
  22. A Morning after Storm (Paul Hamilton Hayne)
  23. Late Loved - Well Loved (Isabella Valancy Crawford)
  24. Maternity (Alice Meynell)
  25. The Gay Gordons (Henry Newbolt)
  26. Licia Sonnets 30 (Giles Fletcher the Elder)
  27. The New Day. Part 4. 1. InterludeSong (Love, Love, my love) (Richard Watson Gilder)
  28. The Philosopher and the Philanthropist (James Kenneth Stephen)
  29. The New Day. Part 4. 11. O Mighty River, Triumphing to the Sea (Richard Watson Gilder)
  30. O for a Thousand Tongues to Sing (Charles Wesley)
  31. Ye Simple Souls That Stray (Charles Wesley)
  32. Sea Lyrics (Clinton Scollard)
  33. Ah Gentle Shepherd, Thine the Lot to Tend (John Dyer)
  34. A Letter from the Country to a Friend in Town (John Oldham)
  35. Mary Called Him 'Mister' (Henry Lawson)
  36. The October Redbreast (Alice Meynell)
  37. The Brooklet (William Gilmore Simms)
  38. Seeing the Duke of Ormond's Picture, at Sir Godfrey Kneller's (Matthew Prior)
  39. The Unfortunate Lovers (John Stagg)
  40. The Good Craft Snow Bird (Herman Melville)
  41. The Celestial Passion. Part 2. 7. On a Portrait of Servetus (Richard Watson Gilder)
  42. Fitte the Third (Eugene Field)
  43. Creole Serenade (Madison Julius Cawein)
  44. Summer Memories (Andrew James Symington)
  45. The Bonnie Lass of Barr (Hamilton Paul)
  46. The Bass Rock (David Macbeth Moir)
  47. Coquet Water (Andrew Scott)
  48. Craig Elachie (Eliza Ann Harris Ogilvy)
  49. The Same Canteen (Charles Graham Halpine)
  50. April 20, 1864 (Charles Graham Halpine)

Last Poems

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