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English Poetry. The Last Poems

  1. Marie Bateson (Edgar Masters)
  2. Passer Mortuus Est (Edna Millay)
  3. Travel (Edna Millay)
  4. Journey (Edna Millay)
  5. She is Overheard Singing (Edna Millay)
  6. Sheep (Marjorie Pickthall)
  7. Lord Lundy (Hilaire Belloc)
  8. On Torture: A Public Singer (Hilaire Belloc)
  9. The Elephant (Hilaire Belloc)
  10. To a Canadian Aviator Who Died for his Country in France (Duncan Scott)
  11. The Song of Old Joe Swallow (Henry Lawson)
  12. Third Collection. The New House a-gettèn Wold (William Barnes)
  13. Third Collection. The Child anТ the Mowers (William Barnes)
  14. Third Collection. The Love Child (William Barnes)
  15. Third Collection. What John wer a-tellèn (William Barnes)
  16. Third Collection. Racketèn Joe (William Barnes)
  17. Second Collection. Seats (William Barnes)
  18. Second Collection. Gwaïn to Brookwell (William Barnes)
  19. To his Mistress affrighted in the wars (Alexander Brome)
  20. Lost and Avenged (Edward Bulwer-Lytton)
  21. The Treasures by the Wayside (Edward Bulwer-Lytton)
  22. The Sabbath (Edward Bulwer-Lytton)
  23. The Hollow Oak (Edward Bulwer-Lytton)
  24. Love and Fame (Edward Bulwer-Lytton)
  25. On the Death of Prince Henry (George Wither)
  26. Song A-La-Mode (Charles Sedley)
  27. Lines on Woodstock (James McIntyre)
  28. Lines on Norwich (James McIntyre)
  29. The Corridor (Edwin Robinson)
  30. Niagara (Joseph Drake)
  31. A Lament for the Princes of Tyrone and Tyrconnel (James Mangan)
  32. Dolly Varden (Francis Bret Harte)
  33. North Beach (Francis Bret Harte)
  34. Our Privilege (Francis Bret Harte)
  35. The Idyl of Battle Hollow (Francis Bret Harte)
  36. The Wonderful Spring of San Joaquin (Francis Bret Harte)
  37. The Angelus (Francis Bret Harte)
  38. Cadet Grey (Francis Bret Harte)
  39. What Counsel Has the Hooded Moon (James Joyce)
  40. A Birthday Song (Sidney Lanier)
  41. The Raven Days (Sidney Lanier)
  42. The Queen of Bubbles (Vachel Lindsay)
  43. Aladdin and the Jinn (Vachel Lindsay)
  44. Epitaphs for Two Players (Vachel Lindsay)
  45. The Merciful Hand (Vachel Lindsay)
  46. The Drunkards in the Street (Vachel Lindsay)
  47. What the Coal-Heaver Said (Vachel Lindsay)
  48. Mae Marsh, Motion Picture Actress (Vachel Lindsay)
  49. This Section is a Christmas Tree (Vachel Lindsay)
  50. Euclid (Vachel Lindsay)

The Last Poems

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