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English Poetry. The Last Poems

  1. Your Awful Voice (Thomas Shadwell)
  2. The White Witch (Dora Shorter)
  3. The Swineherd Of Stow (Thomas Cooper)
  4. The Monks of St. Mark (Thomas Peacock)
  5. Gone (Elizabeth Siddal)
  6. Blind Old Milton (William Aytoun)
  7. Elegy 1 (Henry Pye)
  8. An Epitaph On Doctor Donne, Dean Of St. Paul's (Richard Corbet)
  9. The Maids Lament (Walter Landor)
  10. To Miss Dunbar of Boath (Anne Grant)
  11. Sent To A Young Noblema (Anne Grant)
  12. The Scots Apostasie (John Cleveland)
  13. The Gosherd of Croyland (Thomas Cooper)
  14. Cradle Song (Josiah Holland)
  15. To America (James Johnson)
  16. The Golden Journey (William Moody)
  17. An Ode in Time of Hesitation (William Moody)
  18. To the Memory of Field-Marshall Earl Roberts (Owen Seaman)
  19. A Cry in the World (Dora Shorter)
  20. On a Book of Sea-Mosses (James Fields)
  21. The Man from Eldorado (Robert Service)
  22. Psalm 150 (Mary Sidney)
  23. Huntington House (Edmund Stedman)
  24. Toil's Sweet Content (Sam Foss)
  25. Additional Poems. 1. Atys (Alfred Housman)
  26. More Poems. 8. Give Me a Land of Boughs in Leaf (Alfred Housman)
  27. Flash (Hazel Hall)
  28. More Poems. 2. When Israel out of Egypt Came (Alfred Housman)
  29. A Farewell to Agassiz (Oliver Holmes)
  30. Epigrams. The Second Booke. 2. Those that have greatest estates are not alwayes the wealthiest men (Thomas Urquhart)
  31. Epigrams. The Second Booke. 12. That the most solid gaine of any, is in the action of ver∣tue, all other emoluments, how lucrative they so ever appeare to the covetous mind, being the chiefest precipitating pushes of humane frailty to an inevitable losse (Thomas Urquhart)
  32. Epigrams. The Second Booke. 27. The bad returnes of ingrate men should not deterre us from being liberall (Thomas Urquhart)
  33. Economy of Slavery (John Pierpont)
  34. To M. T. (Bayard Taylor)
  35. Nymphs and Shepherds (Thomas Shadwell)
  36. Invocation to Fancy (William Reid)
  37. The Black Horseman (Dora Shorter)
  38. Cean Duv Deelish (Dora Shorter)
  39. Let Me Be with Thee (Charlotte Elliott)
  40. Epigram 3. MY heart still hovering round about you (Robert Craggs, Earl Nugent)
  41. Come, Jenny, Let Me Sip The Dew (Thomas Gent)
  42. First Sunday after Trinity (John Keble)
  43. Gordon of Brackley (Andrew Lang)
  44. On the Welsh Language (Katherine Philips)
  45. The Lord of Sabbath Let Us Praise (Samuel Wesley)
  46. Tom Moore (James McIntyre)
  47. Festus - 31 (Philip Bailey)
  48. Britians Cause (Philip Bailey)
  49. Written in a State of Suspence (Christian Milne)
  50. The Vision of Piers Plowman - Passus 17 (William Langland)

The Last Poems

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