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English Poetry. The Last Poems

  1. While Summer Suns O'Er The Gay Prospect Play'D (Thomas Warton)
  2. To Peace (Christian Milne)
  3. Epitaph for My Father (Anne Hunter)
  4. Written in a Ladys Album (Joseph Drake)
  5. Lines to a Lady, on Hearing Her Sing Cushlamachree (Joseph Drake)
  6. Flash (Hazel Hall)
  7. What shall it profit? (William Howells)
  8. O Black and Unknown Bards (James Johnson)
  9. Other Poems (1871-82). How the Melbourne Cup was Won (Henry Kendall)
  10. Other Poems (1871-82). Sydney Exhibition Cantata (Henry Kendall)
  11. The Maldive Shark (Herman Melville)
  12. Shiloh, A Requiem (Herman Melville)
  13. A Letter from a Girl to Her Own Old Age (Alice Meynell)
  14. To an Old Venetian Wine-Glass (Lloyd Mifflin)
  15. Voices on the Wind (Louise Moulton)
  16. A Painted Fan (Louise Moulton)
  17. Reading Aloud (Christopher Morley)
  18. Spinning in April (Josephine Peabody)
  19. Farewell the Bowl (John Pierpont)
  20. The Origin of Wine (John Saxe)
  21. To ---- (Alexander Smith)
  22. My Education (James Stephen)
  23. You Say, Columbus with his Argosies (Trumbull Stickney)
  24. The Inverted Torch (Edith Thomas)
  25. Moly (Edith Thomas)
  26. The Rosebuds (Henry Timrod)
  27. A Vision of Poesy (Henry Timrod)
  28. Dramatic Fragment (Henry Timrod)
  29. Baby's Age (Henry Timrod)
  30. 1866 - Addressed to the Old Year (Henry Timrod)
  31. Hymn Sung at an Anniversary of the Asylum of Orphans at Charleston (Henry Timrod)
  32. Second Series. 1. That boy, the farmer said, with hazel wand (Frederick Tuckerman)
  33. Second Series. 15. Gertrude and Gulielma, sister-twins (Frederick Tuckerman)
  34. Morning Sorrows (Charles Turner)
  35. The Knight of the Wood (Wilfred Gibson)
  36. Breakfast (Wilfred Gibson)
  37. The Parrots (Wilfred Gibson)
  38. Retreat (Wilfred Gibson)
  39. To a Lady, with the Sonnets of Petrarch. In the Manner of Spencer (John Wolcot)
  40. Hunting Song (William Somerville)
  41. Blessings (Katharine Tynan)
  42. Lambs (Katharine Tynan)
  43. Nymphs (Katharine Tynan)
  44. Slow Spring (Katharine Tynan)
  45. A Girl's Song (Katharine Tynan)
  46. The Warrior (John McCrae)
  47. On my Sister Joannas Entrance into Her 33rd Year (Henry Livingston)
  48. Farewell Frost, or Welcome Spring (Robert Herrick)
  49. Psalm 81 (Isaac Watts)
  50. Ditty in Imitation of the Spanish Entre Tanto Que L'Avril (Edward Herbert)

The Last Poems

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