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English Poetry. The Last Poems

  1. To the University of Cambridge, in New-England (Phillis Wheatley)
  2. Unshriven (Adam Gordon)
  3. To S.M., a Young African Painter, on Seeing His Works (Phillis Wheatley)
  4. To a Lady and Her Children (Phillis Wheatley)
  5. The Broken Field (Sara Teasdale)
  6. Thee, Father, We Bless (Augustus Toplady)
  7. For Anniversary Marriage-Days (George Wither)
  8. Join All Ye Joyful Nations (Charles Wesley)
  9. Tried Is Every Faithful Man (Charles Wesley)
  10. Licia Sonnets 50 (Giles Fletcher the Elder)
  11. The Calf-Path (Sam Foss)
  12. A Thought or Two on Reading Pomfret's (James Hunt)
  13. More Poems. 34. Young Is the Blood that Yonder (Alfred Housman)
  14. More Poems. 27. To Stand up Straight and Tread the Turning Mill (Alfred Housman)
  15. The Politicians (Mary Montagu)
  16. God Of Love (Augustus Toplady)
  17. Ode 14. To The Honourable Charles Townshend: From The Country (Mark Akenside)
  18. Alternation (George Meredith)
  19. To the Same Purpose (Thomas Traherne)
  20. An Epitaph On Doctor Donne, Dean Of St. Paul's (Richard Corbet)
  21. Tom Moore (James McIntyre)
  22. Past and Present (Francis Palgrave)
  23. On The Death Of Charlotte Smith (Thomas Gent)
  24. The Modest Couple (William Gilbert)
  25. The Rover's Apology (William Gilbert)
  26. Sonnet 22. With Fools and Children (Michael Drayton)
  27. On the Banks of the Esk (Margaret Chalmers)
  28. Of Humane Knowledge (John Davies)
  29. On Mr. G. Herbert's Book (Richard Crashaw)
  30. The Angler's Ballad (Charles Cotton)
  31. The Locomotive (Christopher Cranch)
  32. Canadian Folksong (William Campbell)
  33. The Speckled Trout (Madison Cawein)
  34. Plaint (Ebenezer Elliott)
  35. The Aged Stranger (Francis Bret Harte)
  36. George Moses Horton, Myself (George Horton)
  37. Sunlight Through A Window (Hazel Hall)
  38. O Black and Unknown Bards (James Johnson)
  39. Sonnet 2. Before Mine Eye (George Gascoigne)
  40. Mother, I Cannot Mind My Wheel (Walter Landor)
  41. Long Island Sound (Emma Lazarus)
  42. The Waving of the Corn (Sidney Lanier)
  43. On the Fly-Leaf of Manon Lescaut (Walter Learned)
  44. Gloucester Moors (William Moody)
  45. The Patriot to his Bride (Gerald Massey)
  46. Modern Love. Sonnet 10. But where Began the Change (George Meredith)
  47. Modern Love. Sonnet 19. No State is Enviable (George Meredith)
  48. The Deserted Wife (James Percival)
  49. Modern Love. Sonnet 37. Along the Garden Terrace (George Meredith)
  50. Modern Love. Sonnet 22. What May the Woman Labour to Confess? (George Meredith)

The Last Poems


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