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English Poetry. The Last Poems

  1. Of Sharpe Atomes (Margaret Cavendish)
  2. Alternation (George Meredith)
  3. An Answer To A Love-Letter, In Verse (Mary Montagu)
  4. Melinda's Complaint (Mary Montagu)
  5. The Judgement Of Venus (Matthew Prior)
  6. To Chloris (Charles Sedley)
  7. The Contented Man's Morice (George Wither)
  8. On the Welsh Language (Katherine Philips)
  9. The Lord Of Sabbath Let Us Praise (Samuel Wesley)
  10. Kisses Desired (William Drummond)
  11. Third Sunday After Epiphany (John Keble)
  12. The Captive Sailor (Christian Milne)
  13. Lettice (Dinah Craik)
  14. The Telegraph Operator (Robert Service)
  15. Villanelle of Change (Edwin Robinson)
  16. January (Alice Cary)
  17. The Sailor's Consolation (Charles Dibdin)
  18. At Bay St. Louis (Alice Dunbar-Nelson)
  19. The Slave's Complaint (George Horton)
  20. The Seasons And The Leaves (Thomas MacDonagh)
  21. Owl against Robin (Sidney Lanier)
  22. Bert Kessler (Edgar Masters)
  23. The Last Good-by (Louise Moulton)
  24. Laura Sleeping (Louise Moulton)
  25. The Tyrant Sway (George Morris)
  26. Modern Love. Sonnet 1. By this He Knew She Wept with Waking Eyes (George Meredith)
  27. Modern Love. Sonnet 39. She Yields: my Lady in her Noblest Mood (George Meredith)
  28. Modern Love. Sonnet 28. I Must be Flattered (George Meredith)
  29. To-Night (Louise Moulton)
  30. Lost Anchors (Edwin Robinson)
  31. Dusk (Clinton Scollard)
  32. Song of the Oktahutchee (Alexander Posey)
  33. The Newly-Wedded (Winthrop Praed)
  34. Plymouth Rock (John Pierpont)
  35. Ballad of a Ship (Edwin Robinson)
  36. Dressing the Doll (William Rands)
  37. The House of Life. Sonnet 71. The Choice - 1 (Dante Rossetti)
  38. Wellington's Funeral (Dante Rossetti)
  39. The Ballad of Soulful Sam (Robert Service)
  40. Gentle Gaoler (Robert Service)
  41. Agnostic (Robert Service)
  42. Thefts of the Morning (Edith Thomas)
  43. Ambition (Robert Service)
  44. The Old Lobsterman (John Trowbridge)
  45. A Little Prayer (Robert Service)
  46. A Rusty Nail (Robert Service)
  47. Almoran to Eliza With a Heart of Ice (Royall Tyler)
  48. Brave Coward (Robert Service)
  49. Moon-Lover (Robert Service)
  50. Trees against the Sky (Robert Service)

The Last Poems

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