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English Poetry. The Last Poems

  1. Lord! When Those Glorious Lights I See (George Wither)
  2. The Virtuous Man (George Wither)
  3. Husband and Wife (Gerald Massey)
  4. Third Sunday After Epiphany (John Keble)
  5. Seventeenth Sunday After Trinity (John Keble)
  6. I heard thee Laugh (Stephen Crane)
  7. The Noon Quatrains (Charles Cotton)
  8. Song (Oh the Tear is in my Eye, and my Heart it is Breaking) (Joseph Drake)
  9. The House by the Side of the Road (Sam Foss)
  10. On Rembrant (Washington Allston)
  11. The Aged Stranger (Francis Bret Harte)
  12. The Snowing of the Pines (Thomas Higginson)
  13. George Moses Horton, Myself (George Horton)
  14. My After-Dinner Cloud (Henry Leigh)
  15. The Waving of the Corn (Sidney Lanier)
  16. London Churches (Richard Milnes)
  17. Sir Walter Scott at the Tomb of the Stuarts in St Peter's (Richard Milnes)
  18. Down in Australia (Gerald Massey)
  19. England Goes to Battle (Gerald Massey)
  20. Modern Love. Sonnet 35. It is no Vulgar Nature (George Meredith)
  21. Modern Love. Sonnet 11. Out in the Yellow Meadows (George Meredith)
  22. Modern Love. Sonnet 2. It Ended (George Meredith)
  23. Modern Love. Sonnet 21. We Three are on the Cedar-Shadowed Lawn (George Meredith)
  24. Modern Love. Sonnet 34. Madam Would Speak with Me (George Meredith)
  25. An Epistle To The Earl Of Burlington (Mary Montagu)
  26. The Sultana (Thomas Aldrich)
  27. To a Young Lady, Netting (Thomas Peacock)
  28. May in Umbria (Clinton Scollard)
  29. To William Sharp (Clinton Scollard)
  30. On Viewing the Skull and Bones of a Wolf (Alexander Posey)
  31. The Coral Insect (Lydia Sigourney)
  32. On a Book of Sea-Mosses (James Fields)
  33. A Parodist's Apology (James Stephen)
  34. Euthansia (Robert Service)
  35. The Ballad of the Leather Medal (Robert Service)
  36. Weary (Robert Service)
  37. La Belle Juive (Henry Timrod)
  38. My Childhood God (Robert Service)
  39. The Old Lobsterman (John Trowbridge)
  40. First Series. 1. Sometimes, when winding slow by brook and bower (Frederick Tuckerman)
  41. At San Sebastian (Robert Service)
  42. Second Series. 1. That boy, the farmer said, with hazel wand (Frederick Tuckerman)
  43. The Actor (Robert Service)
  44. First Series. 10. An upper chamber in a darkened house (Frederick Tuckerman)
  45. First Series. 6. Not sometimes, but to him that heeds the whole (Frederick Tuckerman)
  46. Prelude (They say that rhyme and rhythm are) (Robert Service)
  47. First Series. 13. As one who walks and weeps by alien brine (Frederick Tuckerman)
  48. Barcelona (Robert Service)
  49. Cheer (Robert Service)
  50. Intolerance (Robert Service)

The Last Poems


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