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English Poetry. Last Poems

  1. Joseph Dixon (Edgar Lee Masters)
  2. The Vagabond (Henry Lawson)
  3. When the `ArmyТ Prays for Watty (Henry Lawson)
  4. The Men We Might Have Been (Henry Lawson)
  5. Sonnet 40. On the Low Margin (Mary Robinson)
  6. Sonnet 20. Oh! I Could Toil For Thee (Mary Robinson)
  7. The Adieu to Love (Mary Robinson)
  8. There was a man with tongue of wood (Stephen Crane)
  9. Albert and His Savings (Marriott Edgar)
  10. Jonah and the Grampus (Marriott Edgar)
  11. Goalkeeper Joe (Marriott Edgar)
  12. Marksman Sam (Marriott Edgar)
  13. The Runcorn Ferry (Marriott Edgar)
  14. To Foxes (Menella Bute Smedley)
  15. To Thee (Henry Timrod)
  16. The Story of Queen Isabel (Menella Bute Smedley)
  17. Our Welcome to Garibaldi (Menella Bute Smedley)
  18. The Painter (Menella Bute Smedley)
  19. Other Poems (1871-82). John Bede Polding (Henry Kendall)
  20. Other Poems (1871-82). Basil Moss (Henry Kendall)
  21. Two Portraits (Henry Timrod)
  22. The Arctic Voyager (Henry Timrod)
  23. Lines to R. L. (Henry Timrod)
  24. Ballad of Women I Love (Eugene Field)
  25. West Wind in Winter (Alice Meynell)
  26. A Poet's Wife (Alice Meynell)
  27. The Dead Democrat (George Essex Evans)
  28. Our Mary and the Child Mummy (Charles Tennyson Turner)
  29. A New Philosophy; or, Star Showers Explained (Paul Hamilton Hayne)
  30. To OЧЧ, of Her Dark Eyes (Alice Meynell)
  31. On to Richmond (John Reuben Thompson)
  32. Turner Ashby (John Reuben Thompson)
  33. Elegy. On the Untimely Death of a Certain Learned Acquainance (William Shenstone)
  34. The Torrent (Madison Julius Cawein)
  35. Elegy. Ophilia's Urn. To Mr. Graves (William Shenstone)
  36. Face to Face (Madison Julius Cawein)
  37. Nothing to Do (Madison Julius Cawein)
  38. A Word with the West (John Reuben Thompson)
  39. Abu Midjan (Eugene Field)
  40. The Lost Garden (Madison Julius Cawein)
  41. Mutatis Mutandis (Madison Julius Cawein)
  42. The Young Mother (Christopher Morley)
  43. Forevermore (Madison Julius Cawein)
  44. Love's Calendar (Madison Julius Cawein)
  45. Jack Roy (Herman Melville)
  46. O'Hussey's Ode to the Maguire (James Clarence Mangan)
  47. A Lamantation for the Death of Sir Maurice Fitzgerald (James Clarence Mangan)
  48. Kincora (James Clarence Mangan)
  49. Mar Quong, Chinese Laundryman (Christopher Morley)
  50. The Cattle-Dog's Death (Henry Lawson)

Last Poems

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