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Poem by Laura Sophia Temple

Song II (Now smiling Summer gilds the scene)

Now smiling Summer gilds the scene,
And bids each flow'r its sweets exhale,
Clothes the tall hills in brightest green,
And loads with nectar ev'ry gale.
Hark! in the woods the warbling throng
Pour their wild notes on ev'ry spray;
All join one loud, one chearful song,
To hail the fragrant birth of day.

But ah! not long this scene will charm,
Not long its sweets will sooth my heart
Soon will disgust its pow'r disarm,
And bid each mantling grace depart:
Soon will its skies be clouded o'er,
And faded all its brightest green;
For soon will Friendship smile no more,
The Genius of the Silvan scene.

Ah! then will Mem'ry's pensive eye
Retrace the past with many a tear;
And searching fancy oft supply
That image to my bosom dear.
And rapid thought shall proudly soar
To Worlds where joys immortal reign,
Where my sad heart, each struggle o'er,
Soft friendship's smile shall meet again.

Laura Sophia Temple

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