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Poems about Rivers of England

  • Cherwell, from the Terrace (John Bruce Norton)
  • Don and Rother (Ebenezer Elliott)
  • Ellis River (Anonymous)
  • Linn-Cleeve (Henry Alford)
  • On Revisiting the River Loddon (Thomas Warton)
  • Ribbledin; or, the Christening (Ebenezer Elliott)
  • Sonnet 8. To the River Itchin, near Winton (William Lisle Bowles)
  • Sonnet 26. To the River Arun (Charlotte Turner Smith)
  • Sonnet 30. To the River Arun (Charlotte Turner Smith)
  • Sonnet 32. Our Flood's-Queen Thames (Michael Drayton)
  • Sonnet 32. To Melancholy. Written on the Banks of the Arun, October, 1785 (Charlotte Turner Smith)
  • Thames (Isa Knox)
  • The Avon (William Wordsworth)
  • The Avon (Anonymous)
  • The Dog and the Water Lily (William Cowper)
  • The Glories of Our Thames (William Cox Bennett)
  • The Isis (John Bruce Norton)
  • The River Duddon (FROM this deep chasm, where quivering sunbeams play) (William Wordsworth)
  • The River Duddon (O MOUNTAIN stream!) (William Wordsworth)
  • The River Duddon (WHENCE that low voice?) (William Wordsworth)
  • The River Eden, Cumberland (William Wordsworth)
  • The Sands of Dee (Charles Kingsley)
  • The Tamar Spring (Robert Stephen Hawker)
  • The Thames (Eliza Cook)
  • The Trent (NEAR to the silver Trent) (Michael Drayton)
  • The Trent (Henry Kirke White)
  • To the Avon (Anonymous)
  • To the Avon (Henry Wadsworth Longfellow)
  • To the River Cherwell, Oxford (William Lisle Bowles)
  • To the River Derwent (William Wordsworth)
  • To the River Duddon (William Wordsworth)
  • To the River Otter (Samuel Taylor Coleridge)
  • To the River Wye (Henry Alford)
  • To Wordsworth, on Visiting the Duddon (Aubrey Thomas De Vere)
  • Walkley (Ebenezer Elliott)
  • Waters-Meet (Henry Alford)
  • "Where Thames along the Daisied Meads" (David Mallet)

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