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Poem by Anonymous

To the Avon

FLOW on, sweet river! like his verse
Who lies beneath this marble hearse,
Nor wait beside the churchyard wall
For him who cannot hear thy call.

Thy playmate once;I see him now
A boy with sunshine on his brow,
And hear in Stratfords quiet street
The patter of his little feet.

I see him by thy shallow edge
Wading knee-deep amid the sedge;
And lost in thought, as if thy stream
Were the swift river of a dream.

He wonders whitherward it flows;
And fain would follow where it goes,
To the wide world, that shall erelong
Be filled with his melodious song.

Flow on, fair stream! That dream is oer;
He stands upon another shore;
A vaster river near him flows,
And still he follows where it goes.


Poem Themes: Rivers, Avon, Rivers of England

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