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Poems about Castles

  • A Legend of Tintagel Castle (Letitia Elizabeth Landon)
  • Address to Kilchurn Castle, upon Loch Awe (William Wordsworth)
  • Alnwick Castle (Fitz-Greene Halleck)
  • Bamborough Castle (William Lisle Bowles)
  • Belvoir Castle (George Crabbe)
  • Bodrigans Leap (Henry Sewell Stokes)
  • Bothwell Castle (William Wordsworth)
  • Cadyow Castle (Walter Scott)
  • Cardiff Castle (Taliesin Williams)
  • Carisbrook Castle (Anne Hunter)
  • Craigcrook Castle (Gerald Massey)
  • Crookston Castle (John Wilson)
  • Cruxtoun Castle (William Motherwell)
  • Dartmouth Castle, or, The Sea-Shore (Letitia Elizabeth Landon)
  • Dunottar Castle (Carolina Oliphant, Lady Nairne)
  • Kelburn Castle (David Macbeth Moir)
  • Kilravock Tower (Charles Mackay)
  • Loch Leven Castle (Amanda Maria Corey Edmond)
  • Loch Leven Castle (Lydia Huntley Sigourney)
  • Nottingham Castle (Philip James Bailey)
  • On Beholding Bodiham Castle (Edward Hovell-Thurlow)
  • On Revisiting Dunolly Castle (William Wordsworth)
  • Queen Marys Escape from Lochleven Castle (Robert Allan)
  • Ravenscraig (William Thom)
  • Ruins of Restormel (Henry Sewell Stokes)
  • Shanid Castle (Gerald Griffin)
  • Sonnets on the Scenery of the Tweed (David Macbeth Moir)
  • Southampton Castle (William Lisle Bowles)
  • The Blarney (Samuel Lover)
  • The Burning of Kilcoleman (Robert Dwyer Joyce)
  • The Castle of Chillon (Letitia Elizabeth Landon)
  • The Castle of Clisson (Thomas Gold Appleton)
  • The Ruins of Donegal Castle (James Clarence Mangan)
  • To Kilbarron Castle (Thomas D'Arcy McGee)
  • To the Castle of Donegal (William Allingham)
  • Wardour Castle (William Lisle Bowles)
  • "Within the Towers of Ancient Glammis" (Agnes Lyon)

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