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Poem by Taliesin Williams

Cardiff Castle

        Rhymed Version of the Preceding

OAK that grew on battle mound,
Where crimson torrents drenched the ground;
Woe waits the maddening broils where sparkling wine goes round!

Oak that grew on verdant plain,
Where gushed the blood of warriors slain;
The wretch in hatreds grasp may well of woes complain!

Oak that grew in verdure strong,
After bloodsheds direful wrong;
Woe waits the wretch who sits the sons of strife among!

Oak that grew on greensward bourn,
Its once fair branches tempest torn;
Whom envys hate pursues shall long in anguish mourn!

Oak that grew on woodcliff high,
Where Severns waves to winds reply;
Woe waits the wretch whose years tell not that death is nigh!

Oak that grew through years of woe,
Mid battle broils unequalled throes,
Forlorn is he who prays that death his life may close.

Taliesin Williams

Poem Theme: Castles

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