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Poem by William Thom


A Ruin on the Banks of Ugie, 
near Peterhead, Aberdeenshire

YON s Ravenscraig, wi riven ha,
A thousand winters shook its wa
Tired Time let scythe an sanglass fa,
      To breathe awhile at Ugie.

For here, by brake, by burn an lea,
Fair Nature freaks sae changefullie!
Now lauchin daft, syne greets to see
      Yon grim, gray towers at Ugie.

An wha can mark yon dungeon dour,
Unmindfu o the waesome hour,
When man oer man, wi fiendish power,
      Made sick the tremblin Ugie.

Bring ivy wi its peacefu green,
Gae hide ilk hoar, unhallowed stane;
They maunna bloat yon bonnie een
      That watch the gushin Ugie.

For yonder s she, in loves loved dress,
In youth, in truth, in tenderness,
Sure Heaven lent that bonnie face
      To bless the tearfu Ugie.

T is sic a face, t is sic a mien,
An O, sic wylie, witchin een,
Gars Time upon his elbow lean,
      An sich to cross the Ugie.

William Thom

Poem Theme: Castles

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