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Poem by Thomas D'Arcy McGee

To Kilbarron Castle

BROAD, blue, and deep, the Bay of Donegal
Spreads north and south and far a-west before
The beetling cliffs sublime, and shattered wall
Where the OClerys name is known no more.
Kilbarron, many castle names are sung
In deathless verse they less deserved than thee,
The Rhine-towers still endure in German tongue;
Gray Scotlands keeps in Scottish poesy;
In chronicles of Spain, and songs of France,
Full many a grim château and fortress stands;
And Albions genius, strong as Uthers lance,
Guards her old mansions mid their altered lands;
Home of an hundred annalists, round thy hearths, alas!
The churlish thistles thrive, and the dull graveyard grass.

Thomas D'Arcy McGee

Poem Theme: Castles

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