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Henry Livingston (1748-1828)

The Rating of Henry Livingston's Poems

  1. Account of a Visit from St. Nicholas
  2. A Valentine
  3. Acrostic - Eliza Hughes
  4. Hiding Place
  5. Catharine Breese Livingston
  6. To My Little Niece Anne Duyckinck
  7. The Dance
  8. On My Sister Joannas Entrance into Her 33rd Year
  9. A Tenant of Mrs. Van Kleeck
  10. An Elegy on the Death of Montgomery Tappen
  11. Brother Beekman
  12. To the Memory of Henry Welles Livingston
  13. The Procession
  14. Letter Sent to Master Timmy Dwight
  15. Apostrophe
  16. To the Memory of Sarah Livingston
  17. The Crane & The Fox
  18. The Vine & Oak
  19. Epithalamium: A Marriage Poem
  20. 1819 New Years Carriers Address
  21. The IX Ode to Horace
  22. Dialogue
  23. To My Little Niece Sally Livingston
  24. Catharine Livingston
  25. Acknowledgement
  26. Careless Philosophers Soliloquy

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