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Poem by Henry Livingston


Of RISPAH. (who had been the concubine of King SAUL) when DAVID hanged her children, because their father had done amiss.

From morn to eve from eve to rosy morn,
On this bleak rock Ill lay me all forlorn;
Here will I stay, tho tempests frown around,
Fierce lightnings glare, or earthquakes rock the ground.
The prowling wolves, the hungry birds of prey,
Piercd with my moans, will rove another way:
Less steeld than man, with hearts dissolvd they go,
And lose their nature at the voice of woe.
And did ye, O my hapless offspring! bleed
For your unhappy fathers thoughtless deed?
He fell, alas! on Gilboas fatal plain,
And gave his life mong thousands nobly slain.
--He had his faults; but he was kind and brave,
And with him all his errors found a grave;
-- Thus fondly I
With cursed, deadly hate
Against his house are hurld the bolts of state;
For royal David, wrapt in purple-grieves
While one of Sauls unfortnate lineage lives:
His word is fate -- myself, my children all,
Must in an undistinguishd ruin fall.

Henry Livingston

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