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Poem by Henry Livingston

On My Sister Joannas Entrance into Her 33rd Year

On this thy natal day permit a friend -
A brother - with thy joys his own to blend:
In all gladness he would wish to share
As willing in thy griefs a part to bear.

Meekly attend the ways of higher heavn!
Is much denyd? Yet much my dear is givn.
Thy health, thy reason unimpaired remain
And while as new faln snows thy spotless fame
The partner of thy life, attentive - kind -
And blending een the interests of the mind.

What bliss is thine when fore thy glistring eye
Thy lovely infant train pass jocund by!
The ruddy cheek, the smiling morning face
Denote a healthy undegenerate race:
In them renewd, youll live and live again,
And childrens childrens children lisp thy name.
Bright be the skies whereer my sister goes
Nor scowling tempests injure her repose -
The field of life with roses thick be strowd
Nor one sharp thorn lie lurking in the road.
Thy evry path be still a path of peace
And each revolving year thy joys increase;
Till hours and years of time itself be oer
And one eternal day around thee pour.

Henry Livingston

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