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Poem by Henry Livingston

Letter Sent to Master Timmy Dwight

Master Timmy brisk and airy
Blythe as Oberon the fairy
On thy head thy cousin wishes
Thousand and ten thousand blisses.
Never may thy wicket ball
In a well or puddle fall;
Or thy wild ambitious kite
Oer the elms thick foliage light.
When on bended knee thou sittest
And the mark in fancy hittest
May thy marble truly trace
Where thy wishes markd the place.
If at hide and seek you play,
All involved in the hay
Tittring hear the joyful sound
Timmy never can be found.
If you hop or if you run
Or whatever is the fun
Victry with her sounding pinion
Hover oer her little minion.
But when hunger calls the boys
From their helter skelter joys
Bread and cheese in order standing
For their most rapacious handling
Timmy may thy luncheon be
More than Bens as five to three,
But if hasty puddings dish
Meet thy vast capacious wish -
Or lob-lollys charming jelly
Court thy cormorantal belly
Mortal foe to megre fast
Be thy spoonful first and last.

Henry Livingston

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