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Poem by Robert Burns

A Toast Given at a Meeting of the Dumfries-shire Volunteers, Held to Commemorate the Anniversary of Rodneys Victory, April 12, 1782

INSTEAD of a Song, boys, Ill give you a Toast-
Heres the memory of those on the twelfth that we lost:
That we lost, did I say? nay, by heavn, that we found,
For their fame it shall last while the world goes round.
The next in succession, Ill give you the King,
Whoeer would betray him, on high may he swing!
And heres the grand fabric, our free Constitution,
Aa built on the base of the great Revolution;
And longer with Politics, not to be crammd,
Be Anarchy cursd, and Tyranny damnd;
And who would to Liberty eer prove disloyal,
May his son be a hangman, and he his first trial!


Robert Burns

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