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Poem by Robert Burns

Bessy And Her Spinnin Wheel

O LEEZE me on my spinnin wheel,
O leeze me on my rock and reel;
Frae tap to tae that cleeds me bien,
And haps me fiel and warm at een!
Ill set me down and sing and spin,
While laigh descends the simmer sun,
Blest wi content, and milk and meal-
O leeze me on. my spinnin wheel.

On ilka hand the burnies trot,
And meet below my theekit cot;
The scented birk and hawthorn white
Across the pool their arms unite,
Alike to screen the birdies nest,
And little fishes caller rest:
The sun blinks kindly in the biel,
Where blythe I turn my spinnin wheel.

On lofty aiks the cushats wail,
And echo cons the doolfu tale;
The lintwhites in the hazel braes,
Delighted, rival ithers lays:
The craik amang the claver hay,
The paitrick whirrin oer the ley,
The swallow jinkin round my shiel,
Amuse me at my spinnin wheel.

Wi sma to sell, and less to buy,
Aboon distress, below envy,
O wha wad leave this humble state,
For a the pride of a the great?
Amid their flaring, idle toys,
Amid their cumbrous, dinsome joys,
Can they the peace and pleasure feel
Of Bessy at her spinnin wheel?

Robert Burns

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