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Poem by Robert Burns

The Rantin Dog the Daddie Ot

O WHA my babie-clouts will buy?
Wha will tent me when I cry?
Wha will kiss me whare I lie?
  The rantin dog the daddie ot.

Wha will own he did the faut?
Wha will buy my groanin maut?
Wha will tell me how to cat?
  The rantin dog the daddle ot.

When I mount the creepie-chair,
Wha will sit beside me there?
Gie me Rob, I seek nae mair,
  The rantin dog the daddie ot.

Wha will crack to me my lane?
Wha will mak me fidgin fain?
Wha will kiss me oer again?
  The rantin dog the daddie ot.

Robert Burns

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