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Poem by Robert Burns

* * *

SLEEPST thou, or wakst thou, fairest creature?
  Rosy thorn now lifts his eye,
Numbering ilka bud which Nature
  Waters wi the tears o joy:
  Now thro the leafy woods,
  And by the reeking floods,
Wild Natures tenants freely, gladly stray;
  The lintwhite in his bower
  Chants oer the breathing flower;
  The lavrock to the sky
  Ascends wi sangs o joy,
While the sun and thou arise to bless the day.

Phoebus, gilding the brow o morning,
  Banishes ilk darksome shade,
Nature gladdening and adorning;
  Such to me my lovely maid.
  When absent frae my fair,
  The murky shades o care
With starless gloom oercaat my sullen sky:
  But when, in beautys light,
  She meets my ravishd sight,
  When thro my very heart
  Her beaming glories dart-
Tis then I wake to life, to light, and joy.

Robert Burns

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