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Уолтер Сэвидж Лэндор (Walter Savage Landor) (1775-1864)
Walter Savage Landor (Уолтер Сэвидж Лэндор)

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  1. Предсмертные слова старого философаDying Speech of an Old Philosopher
  2. Clifton
  3. Autumn
  4. One Lovely Name
  5. You Smiled, You Spoke, and I Believed
  6. Mother, I Cannot Mind My Wheel
  7. To the River Avon
  8. To Zoë
  9. The Evening Star
  10. Ianthe! You Are Call'd to Cross the Sea!
  11. On Seeing a Hair of Lucretia Borgia
  12. Death Stands above Me, Whispering Low
  13. The Maid’s Lament
  14. Here, Ever Since You Went Abroad
  15. Once, and Once Only, Have I Seen Thy Face
  16. Dirce
  17. Tell Me Not Things Past All Belief
  18. The Lover
  19. She I Love
  20. Ternissa! You Are Fled!
  21. To Wordsworth
  22. Yes; I Write Verses Now and Then
  23. A Pastoral
  24. To Charles Dickens
  25. Proud Word You Never Spoke, But You Will Speak
  26. Age
  27. The Poet Who Sleeps
  28. Of Clementina
  29. Twenty Years Hence My Eyes May Grow
  30. Fiesole Idyl
  31. Child of a Day
  32. Rose Aylmer
  33. With Rosy Hand a Little Girl Prest Down
  34. To Robert Browning
  35. To Barry Cornwall
  36. Leaf after Leaf Drops off, Flower after Flower
  37. Idle Words
  38. The Gates of Fame and of the Grave
  39. Well I Remember How You Smiled
  40. Pleasure! Why Thus Desert the Heart
  41. Past Ruin'd Ilion Helen Lives
  42. Various the Roads of Life; in One
  43. Daniel Defoe

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