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Robert Burns (Роберт Бёрнс)

Wandering Willie

HERE awa, there awa, wandering Willie,
  Here awa, there awa, haud awa hame;
Come to my bosom, my ain only dearie,
  Tell me thou bring’et me my Willie the same.

Winter winds blew loud and cauld at our parting,
  Fears for my Willie brought tears to my ee;
Welcome now, Simmer, and welcome, my Willie,
  The Simmer to nature, my Willie to me!

Rest, ye wild storms, in the cave of your slumbers;
  How your dread howling a lover alarms!
Wauken, ye breezes, row gently, ye billows,
  And waft my dear laddie ance mair to my arms.

But oh, if he’s faithless, and minds na his Nannie,
  Flow still between us, thou wide roaring main;
May I never see it, may I never trow it,
  But, dying, believe that my Willie’s my ain!

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