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Poems Dedicated to Robert Burns

  • 2. On the Ayr-shire Ploughman Poet, or Poetaster, R.B. (James Maxwell)
  • Address to the Shade of Burns (Christian Milne)
  • An Elegy to the Memory of Mr. Robert Burns, the Celebrated Scots Poet (William Hamilton Reid)
  • An Epistle to Mr. Robert Burns (Janet Little)
  • Anniversary Ode, Recited at the Burns Club Held in Burns Cottage (Robert Hetrick)
  • Birthplace of Robert Burns (Thomas William Parsons)
  • Burns (Joaquin Miller)
  • Elegy on the Death of Burns (Robert Wilson)
  • Elegy on the Death of Burns (Robert Hetrick)
  • Epistle Addressed to Robert Burns (Richard Gall)
  • Epistle from a Taylor to Robert Burns (Thomas Walker)
  • Epistle to a Friend, with a Copy of Burnss Letters (Charles Lockhart)
  • Epistle to R****t B***s (John Lapraik)
  • Epistle to R. Burns (David Sillar)
  • "Here Native Genius, Gay, Unique and Strong" (Helen Craik)
  • Monody on the Death of Robert Burns (William Hamilton Reid)
  • "My Task Is Ended Farewell, Robin!" (Allan Cunningham)
  • Ode on the Centenary of Burns (Isa Knox)
  • Ode to the Memory of Burns (Thomas Campbell)
  • On a Visit to Mr. Burns (Janet Little)
  • On Burns and Ramsay (Isabel Pagan)
  • On Burns (Dante Gabriel Rossetti)
  • On the Death of Burns (Richard Gall)
  • On the Death of Burns (Anne Grant)
  • On Visiting the Tomb of Burns (John Keats)
  • Robert Burns (Henry Wadsworth Longfellow)
  • Robert Burns (William Topaz McGonagall)
  • The Deils Answer to His Verra Friend, Robert Burns (John Dun)
  • To Mr. Burns, on His Poems (James Milne)
  • To Mr. R***** B****, Ayrshire (James Macaulay)
  • To Robert Burns (John Beugo)
  • Verses Written on Visiting the House in Which the Celebrated Robert Burns Was Born, and the Surrounding Scenery, in Autumn 1799 (Richard Gall)
  • Written in the Cottage where Burns Was Born (John Keats)

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