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Poem by Thomas Walker

Epistle from a Taylor to Robert Burns


WHAT waefu news is this I hear,
Frae greeting I can scarce forbear,
Folk tells me, yere gawn aff this year,
	Out oer the sea, 
And lasses wham ye loe sae dear
	Will greet for thee.

Weel wad I like war ye to stay, 
But Robin since ye will away,
I hae a word yet mair to say,
	And maybe twa; 
May he protect us night an day,
	That made us a.

Whar thou art gaun, keep mind frae me,
Seek him to bear thee companie,
And, Robin, whan ye come to die,
	Yell won aboon,
An live at peace an unity
	Ayont the moon.

Some tell me, Rab, ye dinna fear
To get a wean, an curse an, swear,
Im unco wae, my lad, to hear
	O sic a trade,
Coud I persuade ye to forbear,
	I wad be glad.

Fu weel ye ken yell gang to hell,
Gin ye persist in doin ill 
Waes me! Yere hurlin down the hill
	Withouten dread,
An yell get leave to swear your fill
	After yere dead.

There,1 walth o women yell get near,
But getting weans ye will forbear,
Yell never say, my bonnie dear
	Come, gies a kiss 
Nae kissing there  yell girn an sneer,
	An ither hiss. 

O Rab! Lay by thy foolish tricks,
An steer nae mair the female sex,
Or some day yell come through the pricks,
	An, that yell see;
Yell fin hard living wi Auld Nicks:
	Im wae for thee.

But whats this comes wi sic a knell,
Amaist as loud as ony bell,
While it does mak my conscience tell
	Me what is true,
Im but a rough cowt too readf,
	Owre sib to you!

Were owre like those wha think it fit,
To stuff their noddles fu o wit,
An yet content in darkness sit,
	Wha shun the light,
To let them see down to the pit,
	That lang dark night.

But fareweel, Rab, I maun awa,
May he that made us keep us a,
For that wad be a  readful fa
	And hurt us sair,
Lad, ye wad never mend ava,
	Sae Rab tak care.

1 In hell.

Thomas Walker

Poem Theme: Robert Burns

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