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Poem by Thomas Walker

Answer II


I got your letter, honest Jamie;
Wou man! an unco lift ye gie me!
How hie a ferly wad ye hae me!
	Come, let me down,
Or otherwise ye must get to me
	An air balloon.

Im hoisd a wally wipe indeed,
But Im sae dizzy i the head,
Ill no stay lang up here I dread 
	An gif I fa,
My down-come, Sir, to me will breed
	I fear, a claw.

What need ye screw me up fae hie,
Just as if nane coud equal me,
A man o mean an low degree,
	Scarce learnt to read,
Yet sic a noise as there must be
	About my head.

Souning my praise wi sic a knell,
Athort the country, like a bell,
Yell do mair ill than tongue can 
	Mak me owr proud,
An gar me think mair o mysel
	Than what I shoud.

Sae far ye need na shoot me ben,
My properties Im sure I ken,
As weel as ony sinfu men
	Had ever need; 
How durst ye ever lift a pen,
	On sic a head.

But left we shoud cast out wi ither,
(Wha were as thick an pack the gither,
As ae auld wife had been our mither,)
	I must tak care; 
Sae wi you, Sir, my poet brither,
	Ill flyte nae mair.

But since I be a poet prime,
What for need I conceal my rhyme, 
Might I not fell athort my fine
	Droll harmless glee? 
I think this wad na be a crime, 
	James, what think ye?

As sure as twa an three mak five, 
This is a drift I mean to drive, 
To get some feeding for my hive,
	O feckless fowks; 
But I may tak the gee belyve,
	For a my jokes.

Im aye sae thrang, an scant of cash,
An that Will Who-ca it, lazy hash,
Took up some drunt, an wad na fash
	To write for me,
Whilk did na please that weel my pash 
	But what card he.

The first time ye gang oer the gate, 
Gie my kin compliments to Pate, 
Wha when I meet him, soon or late,
	Aye sport gies me, 
I scarce eer saw a fallow yet
	Sae fou o glee.

Ochiltree 1789

Thomas Walker

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