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William Wordsworth (1770-1850)
William Wordsworth

The Rating of William Wordsworth's Poems

  1. Daffodils
  2. Lines Written in Early Spring
  3. The Idiot Boy
  4. We Are Seven
  5. The Thorn
  6. The Last of the Flock
  7. Written in March
  8. Lucy Gray, or Solitude
  9. To a Butterfly (Stay near me - do not take thy flight!)
  10. Lines Composed a Few Miles above Tintern Abbey, on Revisiting the Banks
  11. To the Torrent at the Devils Bridge, North Wales, 1824
  12. The Tables Turned, an Evening Scene on the Same Subject
  13. A Night-Piece
  14. To the Cuckoo
  15. London, 1802
  16. To a Butterfly (I'VE watched you now a full half-hour)
  17. The Mad Mother
  18. Composed upon Westminster Bridge, September 3, 1802
  19. September 1815
  20. September 1819
  21. Song for the Wandering Jew
  22. The Solitary Reaper
  23. To a Sky-Lark
  24. Why Art Thou Silent! Is Thy Love a Plant
  25. Scorn Not the Sonnet; Critic, You Have Frowned
  26. There Was a Boy
  27. Mutability
  28. My Heart Leaps Up
  29. Goody Blake and Harry Gill
  30. The Haunted Tree
  31. Expostulation and Reply
  32. The World is too Much with us; Late and Soon
  33. Lines Written near Richmond, upon the Thames, at Evening
  34. The Dungeon
  35. The Pilgrim's Dream
  36. Lines Left upon a Seat in a Yew-tree
  37. The Female Vagrant
  38. Composed by the Sea-Side near Calais, August 1802
  39. Weak Is the Will of Man, His Judgement Blind
  40. Nuns Fret not at their Convent's Narrow Room
  41. After-Thought
  42. Old Man Travelling
  43. Influence of Natural Objects
  44. How Shall I Paint Thee? - Be This Naked Stone
  45. Lines Written at a Small Distance from My House and Sent by My Little Boy to the Person to whom They are Addressed
  46. Anecdote for Fathers Shewing How the Art of Lying May Be Taugh
  47. Laodamia
  48. A Complaint
  49. Sonnet Written in London, September, 1802
  50. To Mary
  51. On Seeing a Tuft of Snowdrops in a Storm
  52. Composed at the Same Time and on the Same Occasion
  53. Surprised by Joy
  54. Simon Lee, the Old Huntsman, with an Incident in Which He Was Concerned
  55. Inside of King's College Chapel, Cambridge
  56. Michael
  57. Gipsies
  58. A Wren's Nest
  59. She Was a Phantom of Delight
  60. To the River Duddon
  61. The Trosachs
  62. Among All Lovely Things My Love Had Been
  63. Calm Is the Fragrant Air, and Loth to Lose
  64. What Motive Drew, What Impulse, I Would Ask
  65. The Brothers
  66. The Plain of Donnerdale
  67. Lament of Mary Queen of Scots
  68. To Toussaint L'Ouverture
  69. Song of the Spinning Wheel
  70. It Is a Beauteous Evening, Calm and Free
  71. Hail, Twilight, Sovereign of One Peaceful Hour
  72. Elegiac Stanzas Suggested by a Picture of Peele Castle in a Storm, Painted by Sir George Beaumont
  73. Not Envying Latian Shades - If Yet They Throw
  74. The French and the Spanish Guerillas
  75. To Sleep (A FLOCK of sheep that leisurely pass by)
  76. I Grieved for Buonaparte
  77. To the Spade of a Friend
  78. To Joanna
  79. Beloved Vale! I Said, When I Shall Con
  80. On the Extinction of the Venetian Republic
  81. The Seven Sisters, or the Solitude of Binnorie
  82. The Complaint of a Forsaken Indian Woman
  83. To Sleep (O GENTLE SLEEP! do they belong to thee)
  84. The Green Linnet
  85. When I Have Borne in Memory
  86. With Ships the Sea was Sprinkled Far and Nigh
  87. The King of Sweden
  88. Calais, August 15, 1802
  89. Most Sweet It Is
  90. October, 1803
  91. The Highland Broach
  92. Yes, It Was the Mountain Echo
  93. To Dora
  94. Personal Talk
  95. View from the Top of Black Comb
  96. I Travelled among Unknown Men
  97. To the Supreme Being from the Italian of Michael Angelo
  98. Sweet Was the Walk
  99. Character of the Happy Warrior
  100. The Faëry Chasm
  101. Upon the Same Event
  102. Mark the Concentrated Hazels That Enclose
  103. A Slumber Did My Spirit Seal
  104. Wordsworth's Epitaph on Southey
  105. Composed at Cora Linn
  106. The Avon
  107. Nuns Well, Brigham
  108. At Bala-sala, Isle of Man
  109. At the Head of Glencroe
  110. The River Duddon (O MOUNTAIN stream!)
  111. Lines (HERE, on our native soil, we breathe once more)
  112. Eagles
  113. Killin
  114. Address from the Spirit of Cockermouth Castle
  115. Sonnet Composed During a Storm
  116. Flowers on the Top of the Pillars at the Entrance of the Cave
  117. Greenock
  118. Inglewood Forest
  119. Bothwell Castle
  120. The Monument
  121. St. Catherine of Ledbury
  122. Canute
  123. On the Frith of Clyde
  124. The Pass of Kirkstone
  125. Chatsworth
  126. To the River Derwent
  127. In the Pass of Killicranky
  128. To a Highland Girl
  129. In the Sound of Mull
  130. Inside of Kings College Chapel, Cambridge: The Same
  131. The Stepping-Stones
  132. Yarrow Visited
  133. Dungeon-Ghyll Force
  134. Address to Kilchurn Castle, upon Loch Awe
  135. For the Spot Where the Hermitage Stood on St. Herberts Island, Derwent Water
  136. Nunnery Dell
  137. A Tradition of Oker Hill in Darley Dale, Derbyshire
  138. Cave of Staffa
  139. Yew-Trees
  140. By the Sea-Shore
  141. Near Dover
  142. Glen Almain; Or, the Narrow Glen
  143. The Glen of Loch Etive
  144. Wood Street
  145. In the Frith of Clyde, Ailsa Crag
  146. Gordale
  147. To , on Her First Ascent to the Summit of Helvellyn
  148. Skiddaw
  149. Stanzas
  150. Harts-Horn Tree, near Penrith
  151. Oxford, May 30, 1820
  152. Iona
  153. In Sight of the Town of Cockermouth
  154. Tynwald Hill
  155. Lowther
  156. Monument of Mrs. Howard
  157. The River Duddon (FROM this deep chasm, where quivering sunbeams play)
  158. Yarrow Revisited
  159. Yarrow Unvisited
  160. Lines
  161. The Force of Prayer; or, The Founding of Bolton Priory
  162. Mosgiel Farm
  163. The Wishing-gate
  164. On Revisiting Dunolly Castle
  165. The Springs of Dove
  166. The River Eden, Cumberland
  167. On Entering Douglas Bay
  168. Filial Piety
  169. The Kirk of Ulpha
  170. Roman Antiquities Discovered at Bishopstone, Herefordshire
  171. Inside of Kings College Chapel, Cambridge: Continued
  172. Lines (LOUD is the Vale! the voice is up)
  173. Hart-Leap Well
  174. Suggested at Tyndrum in a Storm
  175. The Countess Pillar
  176. Remembrance of Collins
  177. To the River Greta, near Keswick
  178. Roman Antiquities
  179. Rydal
  180. Seathwaite Chapel
  181. Mary Queen of Scots
  182. The Brownie
  183. The River Duddon (WHENCE that low voice?)
  184. Inscription Intended for a Stone in the Grounds of Rydal Mount
  185. Miserrimus
  186. Mona
  187. To the Lady Eleanor Butler and the Hon. Miss Ponsonby
  188. Monastery of Old Bangor

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