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Poem by William Wordsworth

Filial Piety

On the Wayside between Preston and Liverpool

UNTOUCHED through all severity of cold;
Inviolate, whateer the cottage hearth
Might need for comfort or for festal mirth;
That pile of turf is half a century old:
Yes, traveller! fifty winters have been told
Since suddenly the dart of death went forth
Gainst him who raised it,his last work on earth:
Thence has it, with the son, so strong a hold
Upon his fathers memory, that his hands,
Through reverence, touch it only to repair
Its waste. Though crumbling with each breath of air,
In annual renovation thus it stands,
Rude mausoleum! but wrens nestle there,
And redbreasts warble when sweet sounds are rare.

William Wordsworth

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