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John Keats (1795-1821)
John Keats

The Rating of John Keats's Poems

  1. Ode to a Nightingale
  2. A Thing of Beauty (Endymion)
  3. Ode to Autumn
  4. On the Grasshopper and Cricket
  5. When I Have Fears That I May Cease To Be
  6. Bright Star
  7. On the Sea
  8. Ode on a Grecian Urn
  9. The Human Seasons
  10. Woman! When I Behold Thee Flippant, Vain
  11. On Death
  12. The Day Is Gone, and All Its Sweets Are Gone
  13. On Peace
  14. La Belle Dame Sans Merci
  15. Hyperion
  16. To Solitude
  17. To Hope
  18. The Fall of Hyperion
  19. Give Me Women, Wine, and Snuff
  20. To Byron
  21. To Some Ladies
  22. Ode to Psyche
  23. Ode on Melancholy
  24. Fill for Me a Brimming Bowl
  25. Stanzas to Miss Wylie
  26. To A Young Lady Who Sent Me A Laurel Crown
  27. Lamia
  28. Lines on the Mermaid Tavern
  29. Endymion. Book 1
  30. To Kosciusko
  31. Ode to Apollo
  32. Sharing Eve's Apple
  33. Modern Love
  34. To Sleep
  35. Happy Is England
  36. To One Who Has Been Long in City Pent
  37. Sleep And Poetry
  38. Think not of It, Sweet One, so
  39. Robin Hood
  40. Endymion. Book 4
  41. The Cap and Bells; or, The Jealousies
  42. Staffa
  43. To the Nile
  44. I Stood Tip-toe upon a Little Hill
  45. Faery Songs
  46. Two or Three
  47. Endymion. Book 3
  48. Ode on Indolence
  49. On Receiving a Curious Shell
  50. The Eve of St. Mark
  51. O Blush Not So!
  52. On First Looking into Chapman's Homer
  53. To The Ladies Who Saw Me Crowned
  54. To Homer
  55. Endymion. Book 2
  56. To Mrs Reynoldss Cat
  57. Imitation of Spenser
  58. Ode to Fanny
  59. To Chatterton
  60. Meg Merrilies
  61. On Visiting the Tomb of Burns
  62. To My Brothers
  63. Written in Disgust of Vulgar Superstition
  64. To Charles Cowden Clarke
  65. To My Brother George
  66. Epistle to My Brother George
  67. On Leaving Some Friends at an Early Hour
  68. A Prophecy: To George Keats in America
  69. To Haydon with a Sonnet Written on seeing the Elgin Marbles
  70. Character of Charles Brown
  71. To Spenser
  72. To G. A. W.
  73. To George Felton Mathew
  74. Written on the Day That Mr. Leigh Hunt Left Prison
  75. Written Before Re-Reading King Lear
  76. On a Picture of Leander
  77. Lines on Seeing a Lock of Milton's Hair
  78. To John Hamilton Reynolds
  79. Written in the Cottage where Burns Was Born
  80. A Song about Myself
  81. On Leigh Hunts Poem, the Story of Rimini
  82. Isabella, or, The Pot of Basil
  83. Before He Went
  84. In a Drear-nighted December
  85. As from the Darkening Gloom a Silver Dove
  86. Fancy
  87. A Draught of Sunshine
  88. Written on a Blank Space
  89. Oh! How I Love, on a Fair Summer's Eve
  90. Written upon the Top of Ben Nevis
  91. Hymn to Apollo
  92. The Gothic Looks Solemn
  93. Lines to Fanny
  94. Addressed to the Same
  95. How Many Bards Gild the Lapses of Time!
  96. Asleep! O Sleep a Little While, White Pearl!
  97. You Say You Love
  98. On a Dream
  99. To ******
  100. Before He Went to Live with Owls and Bats
  101. Hush, Hush! Tread Softly! Hush, Hush, my Dear!
  102. I am as Brisk
  103. After Dark Vapours Have Oppressed Our Plains
  104. A Galloway Song
  105. On Sitting down to Read King Lear Once Again
  106. Lines
  107. A Song of Opposites
  108. A Party of Lovers
  109. Lines Written on 29 May, the Anniversary of Charless Restoration, on Hearing the Bells Ringing
  110. On the Sonnet
  111. Gif Ye Wol Stonden Hardie Wight
  112. Hither, Hither, Love
  113. A Dream, after Reading Dante's Episode of Paolo and Francesca
  114. On Seeing the Elgin Marbles
  115. To Fanny
  116. The Gadfly
  117. To Ailsa Rock
  118. Dedication to Leigh Hunt, Esq.
  119. Dawlish Fair
  120. Addressed to Haydon
  121. To John Hamilton Reynolds
  122. Keen, Fitful Gusts Are Whisp'Ring Here and There
  123. This Living Hand
  124. Teignmouth
  125. To a Friend Who Sent Me Some Roses
  126. On Fame
  127. Bards of Passion and of Mirth
  128. On Receiving a Laurel Crown from Leigh Hunt
  129. The Castle Builder
  130. The Poet
  131. To (Hadst Thou Livd in Days of Old)
  132. Calidore
  133. Specimen of Induction to a Poem

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