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Poem by John Keats

A Galloway Song

Ah! ken ye what I met the day
  Out oure the Mountains,
A-coming down by craggis grey
  An mossie fountains?
Ah! goud-haired Marie yeve I pray
  Ane minute's guessing,
For that I met upon the way
  Is past expressing.
As I stood where a rocky brig
  A torrent crosses,
I spied upon a misty rig
  A troup o' horses -
And as they trotted down the glen
  I sped to meet them
To see if I might know the men
  To stop and greet them.
First Willie on his sleek mare came
  At canting gallop -
His long hair rustled like a flame
  On board a shallop.
Then came his brother Rab and then
  Young Peggy's Mither
And Peggy too - adown the glen
  They went togither.
I saw her wrappit in her hood
  Fra wind and raining -
Her cheek was flush wi' timid blood
  Twixt growth and waning.
She turn'd her dazèd head full oft
  For thence her brithers
Came riding with her bridegroom soft
  And mony ithers.
Young Tam came up an' eyed me quick
  With reddened cheek.
Braw Tam was daffèd like a chick -
  He coud na speak.
Ah! Marie they are all gane hame
  Through blustering weather,
An' every heart is full on flame
  An' light as feather.
Ah! Marie they are all gone hame
  Fra happy wedding,
Whilst I - Ah! is it not a shame? -
  Sad tears am shedding.

John Keats

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