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Poem by John Keats

To Haydon with a Sonnet Written on seeing the Elgin Marbles

Haydon! Forgive me, that I cannot speak
Definitively on these mighty things;
Forgive me that I have not Eagles wings
That what I want I know not where to seek:
And think that I would not be over meek
In rolling out upfollowd thunderings,
Even to the steep of Helciconian springs,
Were I of ample strength for such a freak
Think too that all those numbers should be thine;
Whose else? In this who touch thy vestures hem?
For when men stard at what was most divine
With browless idiotismoerwise phlegm
Thou hadst beheld the Hesperean shine
Of their star in the East, and gone to worship them.

John Keats

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